Outback Imports

Welcome to the first ‘Places in Jamaa’ post. We will be learning about Outback Imports in Kimbara Outback today. Read to find out about this amazing shop in Jamaa.

Items it sells currently:

  1. Stone Vanity – members only
  2. Stone Sink – members only
  3. Stone Lamp – members only
  4. Patched Chair – members only
  5. Patched Couch – members only
  6. Patched Rug – available to everyone
  7. Rustic Hanging Lantern – members only
  8. Telescope – available to everyone
  9. Wooden Carved Stove – members only
  10. Wooden Carved Table – members only
  11. Wooden Carved Chair – available to everyone
  12. Wooden Carved Couch – members only

What it looks like currently:

A big green patched rug in the middle of the shop. Tons of carved out shelves lining the walls. Items such as emu egg’s and fancy china plates sit on the shelves. When you open the door you are greeted by beautiful, yellow Golden Wattle flowers. Strange carvings lie in Outback Imports as well.

This is a few small details about Outback Imports. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!!!

– Marigold55


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