Hello Jammers! It’s Marigold55 back with another awesome post! Today’s is about the perfect Pandas of Jamaa! This post was inspired my by best buddy Sealy107. If you remember my interview with Sealy107, you might remember that Sealy said that her favorite animal of Jamaa was the Pandas! So sit back, relax, and jam on!

If you were on Animal Jam during the time around March 20th, 2014, the awesome pandas left Jamaa. :[    Luckily, they returned a few months later in September 2014 :]

In January of 2015, Animal Jam announced the new pet Pandas. Animal Jam also put up a contest saying if Animal Jam Jammers get 50,000 pet Pandas that AJ would adopt a Panda! It turns out, the jammers of Jamaa raised more than 80,000 pet Pandas! Nice job jammers, give yourselves a pat on the back!

The Pandas are a very important animal of Jamaa, this is because Liza is the Panda Alpha and the Pandas are one of the six non-member animals! They are loved by many jammers. These fantastic critters were released in July of 2010! During the Beta Days!

You may wonder what species of Pandas these are. The Pandas on Animal Jam are Giant Pandas. The Pandas are only 1,000 gems. Pandas are very, very, very cute. No one can disagree that they aren’t cute. The Pandas are a fantastic addition to Jamaa! Go Pandas!

Your Panda Lover,


P.S: I couldn’t have done this post without some help, the following websites are good sources Jammers!


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