The Crystal Palace

Hello everyone! It’s Marigold55 here and today I’ll be telling you about the Crystal Palace den which is one of my favorites. Thank you to Animal Jam Wiki for providing most of this information in this post! Without further ado let’s start this post!

The Crystal Palace is the 3rd newest den in Jamaa, the most recent ones are the Sky Kingdom and Greely Hideout. The Crystal Palace is also the 2nd largest den in Jamaa, and again Sky Kingdom is larger than The Crystal Palace. Even though you might think Sky Kingdom is bigger and better this den also has some cool spots, such as the Crystal Mine underneath the Crystal Palace which you can access as any animal. Also there is a rope on the right side of the den leading down to a rowboat which doesn’t move, but is pretty cool. There is also this secret spot I have in the den that you can only access as a flying animal such as an eagle or owl. There are some mountains in the left side of the den. Eagles, Falcons, Flamingos, and Owls can fly up to the mountains and there is nice ledge there to sit on.

Also the Crystal Palace tied with Sky Kingdom as the most expensive dens in the Diamond Shop. The Crystal Palace and Sky Kingdom are 7 diamonds. As many of you know already this isn’t an ocean den but in some respects it could be an Atlantis Palace.

This den is quite decorative and unique. This den is mostly diamond blue which I really think is a great color for the Crystal Den. In the top tower of this den there is a golden Mira painted on to the floor which is very, very beautiful. What I think is the best part about this den is the two corridors in the main section of the den [the palace.] When you walk over a bridge into the den there is an amazing crystal fountain staring at you then down the two corridors there are the alphas. The are 3 crystal alphas in each corridor. There are 6 crystal alphas in all:

  1. Liza
  2. Cosmo
  3. Peck
  4. Sir Gilbert
  5. Greely
  6.  Graham

This den is all in all spectacular, I think is just has a majestic twist to it. If you’re a member and have 7 or more diamonds you want to spend, I definitely recommend this as a choice. Thank you for reading this post jammers! Play Wild!

– Marigold55


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