The Summer Carnival

Hello Jammers! Today I have a post on the amazing Summer Carnival coming to Jamaa soon! Enjoy this post!

I have gone to the Summer Carnival the last couple summers and my favorite game besides making Cotton Candy is probably Whack A Phantom. I love hitting all those pesky phantoms with a wood mallet!

The Summer Carnival is celebrated most times from May 29th – September 21st and rarely the 22nd. There are 5 game booths currently they are:

  1. Dunk A Phantom
  2. Whack A Phantom
  3. Candy Catch
  4. Phantom Ball
  5. Carnival Darts

Also keep in mind that each game costs 5 cents to play. The Summer Carnival also has a couple of shops. One sells clothing and the others sells Carnival Plushies! There is a Cotton Candy Machine to play as well, black+white+black = phantom cotton candy.

From every game you play you earn tickets in which you can use at the stores. Also if you’re looking for a Monday Rare in AJ in the summertime, sometimes the Monday Rare will be at one of the carnival stores. That happened last summer when a Monday Rare was a  rare racoon tail for 5,000 tickets. Also if you desperately need tickets you can buy some for gems for 1,000 tickets 500 gems, for 2,000 tickets 1,000 gems, and for 5,000 tickets 2,500 gems.

Before you know it the Summer Carnival will be here Jammers so keep your eyes peeled for it in the party list and for another post coming soon!

~ Marigold


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