Chapter 1: Border the Sun

Hola Jammers! Today, I’m writing Part 1 of a short animal jam story called Border of the Sun. I hope you enjoy Part 1 of this story jammers!

A long time ago, in Jamaa a few years after the phantom invasion, there lived a young koala named Kenya. Her life was a great up until the age of 5, when her parents disappeared in Coral Canyons one day. Kenya’s parents seemed to have vanished forever. Kenya’s parents had been good people, they had volunteered much of their time at the Medical Center and Pillow Room. When this news reached the alphas the decided to send some animals out to search Jamaa for Kenya’s parents. The alphas did this because Kenya’s parent had been very good friends with Liza the head alpha. The alphas sent 4 animals out to look:

  1. Admiral  [a wolf]
  2. Captain [a monkey]
  3. Chief [another wolf]
  4. General [ a tiger]

These dedicated and strong animals searched Jamaa for 2 weeks, with no clues or evidence at all. Finally, the alphas let them rest, and Jamaa declared Kenya’s parents dead. This was an eternally sorrow for Kenya. Kenya, had no siblings and no guardians of any sort. Kenya was now all alone, with no one to care for her or heal her hurt heart.

Continued in the following edition which will be released as soon as possible.


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