Jammer of the Month: December 2015

Hi everyone! It is Marigold here and today I have a post on the Jammer of the Month. I’m changing Jammer of the Week to Jammer of the Month now. So without further ado lets learn about our Jammer of the Month.

Are jammer of the month is Lpsbright2121! I did an interview with her, here it is!

What is your favorite land in Jamaa? All of them

What is your favorite den in Jamaa? Sky Kingdom

What is your favorite shop in Jamaa? The Clothing Store

What is your favorite holiday in Jamaa? Jamaalidays

What is your favorite animal in Jamaa? Arctic Fox

What is your favorite pet in Jamaa? Reindeer

What is your favorite party in Jamaa? Dinner Party

What is your favorite adventure in Jamaa? Bubble Trouble


Here are some facts about Lpsbright2121:

Member or non – member: Member

How many pets: 5

How many animals: 7

How many achievements: 14

On a lot or not: Lpsbright2121 is on a lot


Here are some pictures of Lpsbright2121 and her den

I hope you enjoyed my post! I hope you get the chance to meet Lpsbright2121, because she is an amazing and truly faithful friend! Bye for now!






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