Jammer’s Favorite Things About The Jamaalidays

Hi everyone! It’s Marigold here, and today I asked jammers of Jamaa, “what is your favorite thing about the Jamaalidays?” I got a wide variety of responses, and so today I will share some of are responses with you.

“Gifts and being nice” said Thesuperpuppy

“The music or the den items” answered Luvmybella

“Being with my friends and family” responded fakeperson101

“Daily gifts” replied izabella216

“To be with friends and Santa” responded chocolatebunnylover1

“Being with friends” answered thethunderwalker1103

“Probably the daily gifts” replied Orcak

“I like spending time with my family! Happy Holidays everyone! responded hedgieseathashbrowns

“This is my first jamaaliday” responded Winxclub33

To answer my question my favorite thing about the jamaalidays is getting together with my family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed my little post, and thank you to all the jammers who answered my question about the Jamaalidays! Bye for now!





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