Jammer’s Favorite Parties

Hi everyone! If you have looked closely I have added a new category to my categories. This category is called Jammer’s Favorite. In which, I ask jammers a question and get their feedback. Yesterday, I did one on the Jamaalidays and today I’m doing Jammers Favorite Party! Enjoy!

“Dinner Party” – Jammer9078j

“Jamaaliday Jam” – Cvo

“Dinner Party” – cutepuppy101

“Trading Party or Wolf Only Party” – lola3336

“Dinner Party” – Gymnast55565

“Jamaaliday Jam” – Samantha4678

“Leap Year Party” – Marigold55 [ me]

“Trading Party” – crazygamerlps

“Dinner Party” – Tankerbelle33

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the Jamaalidays, so remember to log on to AJ to receive your first gift of the season! Bye for now jammers!



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