Jammer’s Favorite Animals

Hi everyone! It’s Marigold here, and today I have our 3rd Jammer’s Favorite post. These posts have been getting a lot of hits, so I decided why not do another one. Today’s Jammer’s Favorite is about their favorite Animal Jam Animal Enjoy!

“Deer” – candace1212

“Arctic Wolf” – wishful22

“Cheetah” – prettypr10

“Eagle” – speedy01089

“Fox” – zoejj

“Monkey” – chywhy

“Lynx or Cheetah” – marigold55 [me]

“Bunny” – soccer10942

“Tiger” – tiger12758

“Snow Leopard” – whitefang39976

“Raccoon” – New Jammer

“Snow Leopard” – bellecat

“Arctic Wolf” – linka2014

The most popular animal among these results were Snow Leopard, Cheetah,  and Arctic Wolf, all tied up with 2 votes. Please take the Poll below asking what your favorite animal is out of those 3 animals. Thank you, for reading the post! Bye for now!




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