Border the Sun: Chapter 3

Hi jammers! Today I will be posting a long overdue post. It’s Chapter 3 of the story Border the Sun, about the amazing koala Kenya. Here are the links to Chapters 1 and 2 of Border the Sun. Enjoy!

I stepped out into the sun for the first time in a long time. I didn’t know the world of Jamaa and only the world of the Pillow Room. My best friend in the world Eloise, who had been adopted a few years ago had only come to see me once since she moved into her new home. She had told me stories of the world outside the sad, lonely Pillow Room. A land called Jamaa, the stories she told me made it seem like Jamaa was a land of perfection. A utopia.

I followed Cosmo down the dusty road to the heart of all of Jamaa. Jamaa Township. People parted in perfect order as Cosmo strutted down the road. Some animals even bowed down, to the great leader. All the animals though, eyed me. They wondered who this koala in a ragged worn was. My worn wasn’t one of those rare precious ones, that Eloise had told me about. My worn was literally just a dusty brown old cloak with         moth – bitten holes in it.

Cosmo led me to an old, worn down schooner called The Great Heron. I saw 6 koalas getting the schooner ready for sailing. As I stepped onto the schooner, the koalas stared at me. They all wore the finest of cloths. I looked down at my cloak. I decided not to let my difference from these koalas trouble me. These experience was 100 times better than being in the dreary pillow room. Right?

~ Marigold