Hi I’m Marigold55. I love Animal Jam [AJ] so much. I could totally play it 24/7 if I was allowed to. I love discovering new things about AJ everyday. I’ll try to accept as many buddy requests as possible. Even if I don’t get to buddy you we can still be friends. I like to play as a fox named Velvet Courageous Fox. If you see me in Jamaa, you can just call me Mari.  I hope you enjoy this blog.

– Marigold55

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey was checking out your blog and I think it is a totally awesome blog! I would really like if you had more posts for me to read. Thanks for making this blog… there are hardly any blogs about AJ on wordpress which is a very sad thing. Glad that you are apart of the wordpress blogs on AJ!

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