Welcome to, Balloosh

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about the newly released land of Balloosh. Enjoy!

Fun Facts About Balloosh

  • Balloosh was released on February 15th, 2018.
  • It has bridges and pathways linking from Appondale and Mt. Shiveer.
  • One of it’s attractions is the “Ancient Temple” which is a small temple with a blue crystal at the top
  • Balloosh is a marsh based off of the Everglades in Florida.
  • It currently has only one shop called Ancient Antiquities.
  • There are so far no games in Balloosh.
  • In the middle of Balloosh is the gemstone from the River’s Heart adventure.
  • There is a circle of mysterious stones that represents Stonehenge.

Balloosh Picture Gallery

Walking through the trees!

Hanging out on the bridge!

Trekking to the top of the Ancient Temple!

The top of the Ancient Temple!

The gemstone from the River’s Heart in the middle of Balloosh!

The mysterious circle of stones.

Splashing in the waterfalls!

Ancient Antiquities

Thank you for reading this post about this amazing new land! I hope you take time to fully explore it! See you in Balloosh!

~ Marigold


What Do The Lines of Power Mean?

Hi everyone! Over the weekend, I asked some jammers what they thought the lines of power meant. Here are there responses.

“I think it will bring a new land to Jamaa!” – Count DaringBird the Toucan

“Explosions!” – Ember RainyRiver the Eagle

“I think new portals to adventures will open in the Forgotten Archives.” – Commander QuietHero the Coyote

“I think it will bring a new adventure!” – Swift IglooChamp the Snow Leopard

“I think Greely knew about the lines and he discovered the portals and he is planning on telling the phantoms about it, then joining the phantoms.” – Wild SpiritDragon the Arctic Wolf

“I think the lines will power up a whole new land.” – Blossom TheFlower the Arctic Wolf

“I think it means that Jamaa is in danger!” – Baron BraveBean the Arctic Wolf

“I think it means a new land will become part of Jamaa.” – Sheriff SneezyOctopus the Panda

“I think it means that everything will be for all jammers!” – Perfect FairyEyes the Bunny

“I think the lines of power mean that there will a new look to AJ or a new animal.” – Swift DashFox the Fox

“I think there will be new alphas.” – Captain ArtisticWolf the Wolf

“I think there will be an entire new map with new lands, animals, and alphas.” – Mister CottonPaws the Toucan

“I think it means that Zios will come back to life.” – Admiral ToughSpirit the Polar Bear

“I think it means new lands.” – Sparkle IcyEyes the Kangaroo

“Mira’s tears brought forth the phantoms in AJ’s early days. The lines of power were said to hold balance in Jamaa. If these lines of power were said to be corrupt back then that could be the darker purpose mentioned in the Forgotten Archives. Then the phantoms used the corrupt energy to invade Jamaa. Which then means that the Phantom Realm exists. I think the archives portal might lead there, bringing new adventures, lands, and plot to Jamaa. Perhaps, Mira and Zios will then be rescued.” – Forest DaisyPaw the Tiger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you have any ideas for future posts, feel free to comment them below! Thanks for reading jammers!

~ Marigold





The Forgotten Archives

Hi jammers! Today, I will be exploring the very mysterious new Forgotten Archives. Enjoy!

To enter the Forgotten Archives you must go to the Temple of Zios and click on the stairs below the floating Zios Statue.

When you enter the archives you must walk or fly down a total of 23 (yes.. I counted) stone steps to reach the bottom.


One of the first things you see when you reach the bottom is the store Forgotten Relics.

Forgotten Relics sells 6 items (3 Zios and 3 Mira.)

Near the store is an alter to Zios that you can click on.

When you click on the open book on the Zios Alter this picture pops up on your screen. What could the words mean…?

Behind the Zios Alter is a wall of papyrus scrolls. You can click on them, as well.

When you click on the scrolls this picture pops up on your screen. It’s supposedly really old because it is referring to a time when animals didn’t get along together, which is when the phantoms invaded Jamaa.

Next to the scrolls and Zios Alter is a room of 3 glowing green portals. Jammers have lot’s of different theories and hypothesis’s about what these portals lead to. Some believe new adventures and others the Phantom Realm.

Next to the 3 portals is a waterfall and a pond that flows down from the rock above.

Next to the waterfall and pond are 10 steps to another room.

The room at the top of the stairs features Zios’ journal and what looks like a place to do art.

When you click on Zios’ journal in the left corner of the room, this image pops up. It refers to the next eclipse which would have been in August 2017.

When you click on the painting on the counter in the right part of the room, it shows this interesting image and writing.

Many jammers have realized that this image is the same as on the floor of the Greely’s Hideout Den.

The Forgotten Archives holds many yet to be solved mysteries and for now we just have to keep guessing about what this leads to. Please let me know in the comments or by jam – a – gramming or posting on my jammer wall if you have any theories. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold