Lucky Clovers

Hi! Today, I’ll be doing a post about the seasonal Lucky Clovers adventure! Enjoy!

This adventure has no time limit, which is nice but as one jammer said there is lot’s of “rage quitting.” Usually, people get about 47 – 49 clovers and then they can’t find the last few.

Besides that, the game is pretty straightforward. You look for 50 clovers in a piece of land in the shape of a four-leaf clover. Every 10 clovers you get a key, that you use to unlock 5 different treasure chests in the middle.

Some of the current prizes include Clover Bag Beans, Bagpipes, Lucky Horseshoe Ponds, Bodran Drums, Ancient Towers, Lucky Wreaths, etc.

Here are some pictures of me doing the adventure (it was super laggy and it froze when I got all 50 clovers:)

Patrick introduces you to the adventure and tells you what to do.


Getting my first clover!


The five treasure chests (the one in the middle is the “Epic Treasure Chest.”)

Getting a treasure! (This is one of my favorite ones)

Another clover!

Getting a pot o gold (most of them have 25 gems in them.)

50 clovers!


And… it freezes up.. I got to open the non member chest but the server went down… great timing… ūüė¶

Thank you for reading this post about the Lucky Clovers adventure! I hope you try out this adventure, its one of my favorites. Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold