The Epic Haunted Manor

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about the seasonal den, the Epic Haunted Manor. Enjoy the post!

About The Den

The Epic Haunted Manor was first released 2 years ago on October 1st, 2015. Before, the Epic Haunted Manor was the Haunted Mansion. The Manor costs 5 diamonds in The Diamond Shop. It usually leaves stores in the 1st or 2nd week of November.

Inside The Den

Outside is a big grassy area that you can decorate anyway you like.

The edge of the grassy area borders a cemetery as you can see in the picture.

Near the grassy area is a large puddle of toxic green goo. If you fly or walk in it you turn a lime green.

Towering above the grassy area is a cliff that you can always see a full moon from.

Once you enter the house there is a living area and a run down conservatory.

Next to the living room is a stairway that leads into a basement.

Inside the basement there is a grate, that has 3 pairs of green eyes glowing out of it.

On the second floor there is an outdoor patio that you can see a cemetery from.

Here is one of the main bedrooms that has a latter leading up to it from the second floor.

The second bedroom also has a latter leading up to it from the second floor. Some jammers use it as an attic.

The third bedroom is on the second floor and it borders the outdoor patio.

Interesting Facts About The Den

  • The Spooky Party takes place inside this den.
  • When you fly or step near the toxic puddle of goo you turn green.
  • The pictures in the den have moving eyes.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Epic Haunted Manor! Thanks for reading and see you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold


Jamaa Journal: Volume 208

Hi jammer! It’s Marigold here with a post on Volume 208 of the Jamaa Journal! Enjoy!

For this weekend only (September 28th – October 1st, 2017) you can get some adorable pet phantoms at the Diamond Shop for only 3 diamonds!

Finally it’s that time of year when Night of the Phantoms rolls around! Night of the Phantoms is AJ’s version of Halloween, and lot’s of fun and spooky events happen here in Jamaa during this month of surprises…

Lines of Power have been emerging beneath the feet of citizens in Jamaa Township. Many jammers believe that these lines lead back to the recent discoveries of the Forgotten Archives and the August 2017 Solar Eclipse. What could it all mean?

Lot’s of new items have arrived in The Diamond Shop. You can now get Spooky Armor for a complete set of only 9 diamonds. You can also buy the Epic Haunted Manor for a price of 5 diamonds.


The popular pet seasonal adventure Bitter Sweets is back! Discover all sorts of surprises that lie in the secret passageways of this adventure.

Mysterious portals always appear around Jamaa at this time of year. Inside you can play a game (which I’m terrible at.) Pet Tarantulas have also come to Jamaa, for only 3 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

The mysterious Haunted Forest Party has returned to Jamaa. You can pick lot’s of fun Night of the Phantom’s clothing and den items here. October 4th is World Animal Day, so make sure to log on, on October 4th and celebrate this exciting event with all of your animal friends!

Eagles will be soon returning to Animal Jam, and will be back for purchase in the Diamond Shop. Lynxes will be traveling soon, but will probably be back by next spring.

You can now celebrate Night of the Phantom’s with Animal Jam Costumes available at stores such as Target.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the new update! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold