Epic Den of the Week: 12/11/17

Hi jammers! It’s Marigold here with the Epic Den of the Week. This week will be visiting Glory888’s amazing den! Enjoy!

When you arrive at the den you are greeted by the tree stump chairs and table and a orange lobster claw.

I like to refer to this as the “beta shelf.” There is pottery, a robot (remember when they used to be only like 25 gems?), a race car, a fancy toy robot, and a sewing machine. I remember when they used to sell the glass shelves, jammers used them as like triple bunk beds in their family role plays.

Next is the stationary desk (you get this with the stationary set you get in real life) and a rocking horse. There are also star rugs, a globe, some plaques (not very visible in this photo), a cami plushie, and some other rare items and plushies.

This is beta shelf number 2. It includes a blue magma lamp, pink vase, emu egg, yarn, and a spiral lamp.

The living room is a beautiful array of couches and plants. There is also a beta computer and art easel. My favorite part of this room though is the bamboo plant on the coffee table.

Right outside is a beautiful spring display. There is a flower waterfall, two cactus plants, a vivid red paw mat, and a beautiful bird feeder.

Ahh.. the gardening set. Do any of you jammers who’ve been playing AJ for awhile remember this? The gardening set used to be sold at Jam Mart Furniture back in 2013. Glory was smart and kept all of this set. 4 years later the gardening set isn’t just beautiful but also seen as a beta (even though it technically isn’t.) I personally only have a strawberry and watermelon plant but the fact that Glory kept the whole set is amazing, considering at the time it wasn’t anything to special.

In the backyard, Glory has the three April Fool’s Day items. You probably don’t want to what the signs say not to do… just a warning… but if you really want to see what happens you can check it out for yourself.

This is just some of Glory’s amazing den! I hope you will check out this den! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold


Epic Den of the Week: 9/4/17

Hi jammers! This week’s Epic Den is made by my friend Alm92606. Below are some pictures of his den. Enjoy!

An astounding garden and yard!

A calming outdoor patio.

A relaxing (and good-smelling) living room!

A kitchen with a picturesque view!

A very “lucky” bedroom with an amazing tiger masterpiece made by clawpaw10222.

I hoped you enjoyed the picture tour of Alm’s amazing Treehouse Den! See you in Jamaa, jammers!

~ Marigold

Epic Den of the Week: 7/31/17

Hi jammers! This weeks epic den belongs to chocolatebiscuit. Her den is very natural and beautiful. There is lot’s of flowers and plants involved in this stately fantasy castle den. Below are some pictures of her den…….

The stunning entryway made up of some spilled flowers and a tropical nature archway.

Above the river valley!

The first floor flower garden


The second floor courtyard. Creative, right?

A magnificent main room. A fountain, a patch of clovers, a nature archway, and a …. koala?

A portal to Sarepia Forest.

I hope you will check out this very creative den made by chocolatebiscuit! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold