Epic Den of the Week: 9/4/17

Hi jammers! This week’s Epic Den is made by my friend Alm92606. Below are some pictures of his den. Enjoy!

An astounding garden and yard!

A calming outdoor patio.

A relaxing (and good-smelling) living room!

A kitchen with a picturesque view!

A very “lucky” bedroom with an amazing tiger masterpiece made by clawpaw10222.

I hoped you enjoyed the picture tour of Alm’s amazing Treehouse Den! See you in Jamaa, jammers!

~ Marigold


Epic Den of the Week: 7/31/17

Hi jammers! This weeks epic den belongs to chocolatebiscuit. Her den is very natural and beautiful. There is lot’s of flowers and plants involved in this stately fantasy castle den. Below are some pictures of her den…….

The stunning entryway made up of some spilled flowers and a tropical nature archway.

Above the river valley!

The first floor flower garden


The second floor courtyard. Creative, right?

A magnificent main room. A fountain, a patch of clovers, a nature archway, and a …. koala?

A portal to Sarepia Forest.

I hope you will check out this very creative den made by chocolatebiscuit! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold