Lucky Castle

Hi, jammers! Today, I’m here with a post about the seasonal Lucky Castle Den. Enjoy! 🙂

About the Den
This den was first released 2 years ago on March 3rd, 2016. It is currently sold from March – April for 5 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

Inside the Den

When you first enter the den there is a nice big open space. Its great for decorating and entertaining!

There is also a little stage area, in AJ’s den they have a fireplace decorated with flowers and bodran drums and bagpipes.

Upstairs is a nice little bedroom area. In AJ’s den they decorated it was a lucky closet, table rug, and lamp. They also added some items from the Graham Workshop’s adventure to add a nice rustic touch.

The third floor is a stone wall, that you can decorate however you like. In my den I put a big clover cloud raining down on it, in AJ’s they decorated it with plants and a telescope.

Going from the third floor is a rainbow leading into a gold pot! I mean its gold and rainbows! Who doesn’t like that?

One thing I love about this den is the amazing expanse of outdoor space. AJ decorated it with an oversized clover fountain, which even has green water!

Mini Stonehenge?

At the edge of the den is a big area decorated with a stone Celtic knot. This is a great place to put some Lucky Clover adventure prizes! 🍀 

This is definitely one of the best AJ dens! It has the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor space. I hope you will check out the den! Keep calm and play wild! 😜

~ Marigold



Welcome to, Balloosh

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about the newly released land of Balloosh. Enjoy!

Fun Facts About Balloosh

  • Balloosh was released on February 15th, 2018.
  • It has bridges and pathways linking from Appondale and Mt. Shiveer.
  • One of it’s attractions is the “Ancient Temple” which is a small temple with a blue crystal at the top
  • Balloosh is a marsh based off of the Everglades in Florida.
  • It currently has only one shop called Ancient Antiquities.
  • There are so far no games in Balloosh.
  • In the middle of Balloosh is the gemstone from the River’s Heart adventure.
  • There is a circle of mysterious stones that represents Stonehenge.

Balloosh Picture Gallery

Walking through the trees!

Hanging out on the bridge!

Trekking to the top of the Ancient Temple!

The top of the Ancient Temple!

The gemstone from the River’s Heart in the middle of Balloosh!

The mysterious circle of stones.

Splashing in the waterfalls!

Ancient Antiquities

Thank you for reading this post about this amazing new land! I hope you take time to fully explore it! See you in Balloosh!

~ Marigold

Jamaa Journal: December 1st, 2017: Volume 214

Hi jammers! I’m back here with the 214th volume of the Jamaa Journal! Enjoy!

There is a new adventure that has come to Jamaa! It’s called The Mystery Below and it is lead by the alphas Graham and Cosmo. The Alphas recently discovered some strange stones (Trials of Zios Adventure) and they found that it formed a map the showed a  forgotten city. So now in the Forgotten Archive (Temple of Zios) a second portal has opened and you can do this adventure to try and find the mystery below.

December is here and that means the Jamaalidays are here! So everyday in December, you can log into AJ and get some fabulous gifts including Masterpiece Tokens, Diamonds, and Jamaaliday Den/Clothing Items.

There is now Jamaa Alpha Jamaaliday Armor Sets at the Alpha Headquarters (Jamaa Township.) There is an armor set for all 6 of the main alphas (Peck, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Liza, Graham, Cosmo.) The one thing I don’t like about them is that all the sets are red, white, and green (common Christmas colors.) I personally celebrate Christmas, but for people who celebrate other winter holidays like Hanukkah (blue and white/silver) or Kwanzaa (red, green, black) there aren’t armor sets depicting those colors.

This December all AJ Members get a Jamaaliday Member Bundle including an Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Snow Leopard, Pet Lynx, Ice Armor Set, and Winter Palace Den. Could AJ be bringing Monthly Member Gifts?

The Jamaaliday House is back! The Jamaaliday House is a great place to host your winter festivities or you could make it into a candy factory! This den is made completely out of candy and gingerbread. There is even a chocolate pool and s’mores campfire!

Deer have returned to Jamaa for the Jamaalidays! These popular animals are only 1,000 gems! Unfortunately, they are only available to members I think it’d be great if AJ to open up a winter related animal to non members. I think deer would be a great choice if they did end up doing that.

The Jamaaliday Rescue seasonal adventure is back! The phantoms always try to ruin the Jamaalidays  by stealing all the presents. The phantoms are like The Grinch multiplied. Does that make sense? I’m not sure how to write that, but whenever AJ talks about the phantoms trying to ruin the Jamaalidays by stealing presents and such I think of the phantoms being like The Grinch. Anyway, this adventure is personally one of my favorite ones.  You have to find your way to the middle and collect the stolen presents along the way. Good luck!

The awesome (sugary) Jamaaliday Jam Party is back. This party takes place in a Jamaaliday House Den and if your to lazy (like me) to make your own winter party for your friends you can just go to this one. It even has a few more things than the Jamaaliday House does. It has wafer slides and a gingerbread gift cart where you can buy gifts for your friends.

Pet Reindeer are back in Jamaa! You can buy them at the Jamaaliday Jam. The reindeer’s are super fun to play with and love trying to fly around. I defiantly recommend buying these pets!

Animal Jam Apparel is here! There are watches, pajamas, costumes, etc. The designs are definitely geared toward younger kids, which is fine because I don’t think as many  middle school students would wear an animal jam shirt/watch to school as elementary students would.

I hope you enjoyed the new Jamaa Journal! Keep calm and jam on!

~ Marigold


Festivities During the Night of the Phantoms

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about some exciting festivities that you can do during Night of the Phantoms.

The Phantom Vortex

During Night of the Phantom’s phantom vortex’s appear around the Jamaa Lands. When you step on top of the vortex, you can enter into a different room. There you can play a game called Phantoms! If you get to Level 5 you can get a Phantom Archway.

Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets is the Night of the Phantom’s Seasonal Adventure. To play the game you have to have a pet with you. This is currently the only AJ Adventure where you play as a pet. The objective is to collect all 1000 pieces of candy by defeating the proto – phantoms. For more information about it, here is the link to my post about it.

The Haunted Forest Party

The Haunted Forest Party is one of two of the Night of the Phantom’s Parties.  The Haunted Forest Party takes place in, can you guess? A Haunted Forest. You can play hide and seek in the fog or dance along to Spooky Old Bones.

The Spooky Party

The Spooky Party is the second of the Night of the Phantom’s Parties.  The Spooky Party takes place in the Epic Haunted Manor Den. The den has a clothing shop, a furniture shop, and a music shop in the den. You can also make your own Pet Bat by clicking on the bat decals on the wallpaper inside the den.


To Trick-or-Treat in Animal Jam, you need lot’s of buddies to do this one.  Have half of your buddies go into the Jamaa Stores, with small items (plushies, toy figurines, etc.) in their inventory or trade list. Have the other half of your buddies go into the stores in Jamaa and have them say “Trick-or-Treat.” The other half of your buddies can trade or send them plushies or toy figurine. Then have the two halves of buddies switch, and do the other job.

Do you have more Night of the Phantom Festivities or activities? Comment them below or post them on my jammer wall. Thanks for reading jammers!

~ Marigold


AJ 7th Birthday Party

Hi jammers! Our second post for the day, is also about a party. I’m doing a post on AJ’s 7th Birthday Party. Hooray!

The party takes place on a three layered cake! Surrounding the cake, is an ice cream scoop forest, and a chocolate river.

The vast (and delicious) ice cream forest!

There are three stores carved into the sides of this cake! One has the AJ Birthday Party Music, another sells Alpha Charm Necklaces, and the third one sells Alpha Statues and Alpha Balloons.

The Den Item Birthday Shop!

The 6 Alpha Charm Necklaces (Cosmo, Peck, Sir Gilbert, Greely, Graham, and Liza.)

At the party jammers love to eat lots of doughnuts, cake, and ice cream in honor of AJ. Sometimes it can result in some sugar rushes as you can see in the picture below…

Getting messy!

Every year the candle on the top of the cake, will change to represent the number of years Animal Jam has existed!

Proudly standing in front of the “7” Candle.

This year when you type in the code “AJBDAY7” you don’t receive a cake. Instead, you get 777 gems! This year there isn’t only one cake, there are 7 cakes. The 7 cakes represent the 7 wonders of Jamaa! Here is a link to a post with where you can find each of the 7 birthday cakes!

Interesting Tip: Did you know that you can figure out how old AJ is by what year it is? For example, if it was 2015, Animal Jam would be 5 years old. Or if it was 2022, Animal Jam would be 12 years old. This is because Animal Jam was founded in 2010! Cool, right?

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about the AJ Birthday Party. I hope you visit this exciting limited time party! Stay tuned for more posts.

~ Marigold


Bounce House Party

Hi jammers! Today, I have some pictures from  the awesome bounce house party.

Bouncing around with my friend Pixie the Panda!

Bouncing up high in the sky!

A new game… Follow The Bouncer!

An inflatable room, to hang out in if you get tired of bouncing.

Dancing on a roof of a store. I’m new to this..

Bounce House Store

Inflatable Mat – 300 Gems – Member

Inflatable Ottoman – 350 Gems – Nonmember

Inflatable Chair – 350 Gems – Member

Inflatable Lamp – 400 Gems – Member

Inflatable Table – 400 Gems – Member

Inflatable Couch – 450 Gems – Member

Interesting Fact: Did you know that if you bring a pet with you to the party it will also hop when you are in the bouncy house?

I hope you enjoyed the post about the Bounce House Party! Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!

~ Marigold

Jammer Businesses: Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa

Hi jammers! Today, I have a picture gallery on a really cool den made by user StJarnor. I really hope you check it out!

Welcome to Zios!

All treatments at Zios!

Spa Treatments at Zios!

Sauna Treatments at Zios!

Salon Treatments at Zios!

Entrance to Zios Salon, Spa, and Sauna.

Waiting Room at Zios Sauna, Spa, and Salon.

The Front Desk at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Spa at Zios Sauna, Salon, and Spa.

The Sauna at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Part 1 of the Salon at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Part 2 of the Salon at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

I hope you enjoyed the photo gallery! See you in Jamaa and Play Wild!

~ Marigold