Jamaa Journal: Volume 223

Hi, jammers! Today, I have a post on the new Jamaa Journal that has arrived here in Jamaa! Enjoy!

The new land of Balloosh continues to develop in this Jamaa Journal, where one of the stones in the Temple of Ancients revealing some ancient carvings, that seem to be some kind of animal. Maybe a new animal will soon be arriving in Jamaa!

New pet octopuses! Hooray! It’s always great when AJ adds new pet counterparts, and these octopuses (even though they’re more like quadoposes since they only have 4 arms)  look super cute!

In addition to the pet quadoposes, they’re also new ocean mannequins, that you can dress up with your underwater clothing! Neat, right?

AJ is definitely promoting the oceans in this journal. Maybe it’s a clue? Anyways, you can now have “ocean-themed” den items on land. Such as aquarium floors, windows, and lamps.

On this page, AJ is encouraging jammers to buy there Lucky Day items while it’s still around since it will be gone soon. Also, there is a new exhibit being displayed at the Conservation Museum that talks about polar arctic foxes.

AJ is expanding their merchandise by putting out chibi blocks, which I actually didn’t hear of until now. You can buy these lego-like animals at Target.

Thank you for reading this post! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold



Jamaa Journal: Thursday, March 1st, 2018: Volume 222

Hi jammers! This post is a little late, but today I’ll be showing you the most recent volume of the Jamaa Journal! This week we will have posts going more depth about the topics in this week’s journal. Enjoy!

The new polar arctic foxes I originally thought were just going to be another spinoff of the arctic fox (like the snowflake arctic wolf) and they are but nonetheless, these arctic foxes are very pretty and it’s fun to mess around with their fur colors. Overall,  these are pretty cool and just AJ could expand there animal horizons a little more.

So exciting news jammers! A new room has been unlocked inside Balloosh, that includes another store called Ancient Armory, with different kinds of neon blue and black armor clothing for animals.  Personally, I hope AJ’s next land will be a little more creative because Balloosh is starting to seem a whole lot like Temple of Zios. Maybe a prairie or more desert landscape?

Lucky Day is coming, and that means the seasonal adventure Lucky Clovers is here as well as the den the Lucky Castle. I love the Lucky Clovers adventure, and there is lots of room to explore in the Lucky Castle! This is a very exciting time of year in AJ!

There is a new Dash Tag adventure app out. It reminds me a lot of temple run, but I think this app isn’t very related to AJ unlike some of the past apps like AJ Play Wild. Nonetheless, it is very entertaining.

As I talked about before, the Ancient Armor clothing set is here in the new Temple of the Ancients in Balloosh. There are also more types of mannequins out in the Diamond Shop including Cheetahs, Deer, Cougars, and Clydesdale Horses.

The Call of the Alphas adventure is being promoted this week. Is this a space filler or just a promotion for the adventure? I know I haven’t played it in a long time, but you can earn a special prize if you get all the items for the journey book.

So now that it’s Lucky Day lot’s of items will obviously be coming to Jamaa! Hopefully they will have some new items this year. Time for leprechauns and rainbows!

So there is a new AJ Chapter Book out. It’s there fourth one! I haven’t personally read any of them at all, but they probably have a code in there somewhere. 😉

Thanks for reading this week’s Jamaa Journal Report. See you in Jamaa, jammers! 🙂

~ Marigold



Jamaa Journal: December 1st, 2017: Volume 214

Hi jammers! I’m back here with the 214th volume of the Jamaa Journal! Enjoy!

There is a new adventure that has come to Jamaa! It’s called The Mystery Below and it is lead by the alphas Graham and Cosmo. The Alphas recently discovered some strange stones (Trials of Zios Adventure) and they found that it formed a map the showed a  forgotten city. So now in the Forgotten Archive (Temple of Zios) a second portal has opened and you can do this adventure to try and find the mystery below.

December is here and that means the Jamaalidays are here! So everyday in December, you can log into AJ and get some fabulous gifts including Masterpiece Tokens, Diamonds, and Jamaaliday Den/Clothing Items.

There is now Jamaa Alpha Jamaaliday Armor Sets at the Alpha Headquarters (Jamaa Township.) There is an armor set for all 6 of the main alphas (Peck, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Liza, Graham, Cosmo.) The one thing I don’t like about them is that all the sets are red, white, and green (common Christmas colors.) I personally celebrate Christmas, but for people who celebrate other winter holidays like Hanukkah (blue and white/silver) or Kwanzaa (red, green, black) there aren’t armor sets depicting those colors.

This December all AJ Members get a Jamaaliday Member Bundle including an Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Snow Leopard, Pet Lynx, Ice Armor Set, and Winter Palace Den. Could AJ be bringing Monthly Member Gifts?

The Jamaaliday House is back! The Jamaaliday House is a great place to host your winter festivities or you could make it into a candy factory! This den is made completely out of candy and gingerbread. There is even a chocolate pool and s’mores campfire!

Deer have returned to Jamaa for the Jamaalidays! These popular animals are only 1,000 gems! Unfortunately, they are only available to members I think it’d be great if AJ to open up a winter related animal to non members. I think deer would be a great choice if they did end up doing that.

The Jamaaliday Rescue seasonal adventure is back! The phantoms always try to ruin the Jamaalidays  by stealing all the presents. The phantoms are like The Grinch multiplied. Does that make sense? I’m not sure how to write that, but whenever AJ talks about the phantoms trying to ruin the Jamaalidays by stealing presents and such I think of the phantoms being like The Grinch. Anyway, this adventure is personally one of my favorite ones.  You have to find your way to the middle and collect the stolen presents along the way. Good luck!

The awesome (sugary) Jamaaliday Jam Party is back. This party takes place in a Jamaaliday House Den and if your to lazy (like me) to make your own winter party for your friends you can just go to this one. It even has a few more things than the Jamaaliday House does. It has wafer slides and a gingerbread gift cart where you can buy gifts for your friends.

Pet Reindeer are back in Jamaa! You can buy them at the Jamaaliday Jam. The reindeer’s are super fun to play with and love trying to fly around. I defiantly recommend buying these pets!

Animal Jam Apparel is here! There are watches, pajamas, costumes, etc. The designs are definitely geared toward younger kids, which is fine because I don’t think as many  middle school students would wear an animal jam shirt/watch to school as elementary students would.

I hope you enjoyed the new Jamaa Journal! Keep calm and jam on!

~ Marigold


Jamaa Journal: Volume 209

Hi jammers! Today I have a post on the 209th volume of the Jamaa Journal. Enjoy!

The beloved Club Geoz has collapsed to the ground as a result of the Lines of Power. No jammers were injured in the accident but the club has closed for good. Many jammers wonder if this was a sinister plot that the phantoms created. If you click on the purple music note that is in the pile or ruins a secret shop named “???” will appear. It sells the Club Geoz Hat and Headphones.

On the bright side, Falcons have returned to Jamaa. To learn more about Falcons you can go to the Chamber of Knowledge in the Temple of Zios, and read the Falcon Minibook to receive a Falcon – Related Prize!

The Phantomizer is the newest Night of the Phantom item in Jamaa. Step under it’s dark purple goo and turn into a temporary phantom. You can get a Phantomizer for only 3 Diamonds at the Diamond Shop!

The Spooky Party is back in Jamaa! There are all types of Spooky Items that you can buy there for your Haunted House Den. In the Spooky Party, you can also make your own Pet Bat by clicking on the bat decals on the wallpaper in the den.

You can know send Animal Jam Stickers in your texts, by downloading the free Animal Jam Stickers app in the App Store. You can send memes, emojis, and more that are related to AJ! Hooray!

Hmm… one of the tails (the magenta one) is different the rest of the raccoon tails. Could this be a hint at a new animal? If so, what animal could it be? I’m thinking maybe a pangolin or a genet.

You can now get an Animal Jam Retail Gift Card that comes along with an Arctic Fox animal and an set of exclusive den items!

You still have time to put together your outfit for Night of the Phantoms! Here is a link to a post I did about some ideas for Night of the Phantom Costumes. I think I’m going to be an attendee to a Masquerade Party for Night of the Phantoms.

Some unfortunate news is that lynxes have left Jamaa. We hope we will see them back in Jamaa soon!

That’s all for this Volume of Jamaa Journal! See you in Jamaa, jammers!

Jamaa Journal: Volume 208

Hi jammer! It’s Marigold here with a post on Volume 208 of the Jamaa Journal! Enjoy!

For this weekend only (September 28th – October 1st, 2017) you can get some adorable pet phantoms at the Diamond Shop for only 3 diamonds!

Finally it’s that time of year when Night of the Phantoms rolls around! Night of the Phantoms is AJ’s version of Halloween, and lot’s of fun and spooky events happen here in Jamaa during this month of surprises…

Lines of Power have been emerging beneath the feet of citizens in Jamaa Township. Many jammers believe that these lines lead back to the recent discoveries of the Forgotten Archives and the August 2017 Solar Eclipse. What could it all mean?

Lot’s of new items have arrived in The Diamond Shop. You can now get Spooky Armor for a complete set of only 9 diamonds. You can also buy the Epic Haunted Manor for a price of 5 diamonds.


The popular pet seasonal adventure Bitter Sweets is back! Discover all sorts of surprises that lie in the secret passageways of this adventure.

Mysterious portals always appear around Jamaa at this time of year. Inside you can play a game (which I’m terrible at.) Pet Tarantulas have also come to Jamaa, for only 3 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

The mysterious Haunted Forest Party has returned to Jamaa. You can pick lot’s of fun Night of the Phantom’s clothing and den items here. October 4th is World Animal Day, so make sure to log on, on October 4th and celebrate this exciting event with all of your animal friends!

Eagles will be soon returning to Animal Jam, and will be back for purchase in the Diamond Shop. Lynxes will be traveling soon, but will probably be back by next spring.

You can now celebrate Night of the Phantom’s with Animal Jam Costumes available at stores such as Target.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the new update! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold