Jammer’s Favorite: Alpha

Hi jammers! It’s Marigold, back with another Jammer’s Favorite post. Today, I asked jammers what there favorite alpha was of the main 7 [Sir Gilbert, Greely, Tavie, Peck, Cosmo, Graham, and Liza]  Enjoy the post!

“Greely the Wolf” – greedlythewolfiscool

“Greely the Wolf” – hazel75

“Peck the Bunny” – Backboots

“Peck the Bunny and Greely the Wolf” – Princesslavender101

“Greely the Wolf” – comicshq

“Sir Gilbert the Tiger” – nyancatisawesome1234

“Greely the Wolf” – pufflelover525

“Greely the Wolf” – Pandabear1117

“Greely the Wolf” – cococake2007

“Greely the Wolf” – Jordypants112

“Sir Gilbert the Tiger” – kittycat2555

“Sir Gilbert the Tiger” – Lunish05

“Greely the Wolf” – thormitten6

“Peck the Bunny and Greely the Wolf” – Shopkins58204

“Greely the Wolf” – Jadeisgreen3

“Peck the Bunny” – New Jammer

“Greely the Wolf” – white490

“Greely the Wolf” – Rosettag

“Greely the Wolf” – nyancatftw1

“Sir Gilbert the Tiger” – weezy77

Everyone I asked voted for either Sir Gilbert, Greely, or Peck! Peck had 4 votes, Sir Gilbert had 4 votes, and Greely had 14 votes. I hope you enjoyed today’s Jammer’s Favorite. See you next time!


Jammer’s Favorite: Holiday Drink

Hello jammers! It’s Marigold55 here, and today I had asked some jammer’s what there favorite holiday drink is! Enjoy!

“Hot Cocoa” – lucy35668

“French Vanilla Hot Cocoa” – lillyblossomawesome

“Hot Cocoa” – Alexrcandy

“Peppermint Mocha” – Marigold55

“Peppermint Latte” – Urbanblossom

“Hot Cocoa” – awesome9941

“Hot Cocoa” – ckolb

“Hot Cocoa” –  leopard1108

“Hot Cocoa” – princessunicornelsa

“Peppermint Milkshake” – elove1000

“Eggnog” – coolvivi100

“Hot Cocoa” – Aprilsixteen55

“Eggnog” – yanirocks123

As you can see, many jammers like hot chocolate! I hope you enjoyed this post!


Jammer’s Favorite Parties

Hi everyone! If you have looked closely I have added a new category to my categories. This category is called Jammer’s Favorite. In which, I ask jammers a question and get their feedback. Yesterday, I did one on the Jamaalidays and today I’m doing Jammers Favorite Party! Enjoy!

“Dinner Party” – Jammer9078j

“Jamaaliday Jam” – Cvo

“Dinner Party” – cutepuppy101

“Trading Party or Wolf Only Party” – lola3336

“Dinner Party” – Gymnast55565

“Jamaaliday Jam” – Samantha4678

“Leap Year Party” – Marigold55 [ me]

“Trading Party” – crazygamerlps

“Dinner Party” – Tankerbelle33

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the Jamaalidays, so remember to log on to AJ to receive your first gift of the season! Bye for now jammers!


Jammer’s Favorite Things About The Jamaalidays

Hi everyone! It’s Marigold here, and today I asked jammers of Jamaa, “what is your favorite thing about the Jamaalidays?” I got a wide variety of responses, and so today I will share some of are responses with you.

“Gifts and being nice” said Thesuperpuppy

“The music or the den items” answered Luvmybella

“Being with my friends and family” responded fakeperson101

“Daily gifts” replied izabella216

“To be with friends and Santa” responded chocolatebunnylover1

“Being with friends” answered thethunderwalker1103

“Probably the daily gifts” replied Orcak

“I like spending time with my family! Happy Holidays everyone! responded hedgieseathashbrowns

“This is my first jamaaliday” responded Winxclub33

To answer my question my favorite thing about the jamaalidays is getting together with my family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed my little post, and thank you to all the jammers who answered my question about the Jamaalidays! Bye for now!