Return of the Phantoms: Walkthrough

Hi, jammers! I hope you’re having a great week! Today, I have a walkthrough on the 1st AJ adventure called the Return of the Phantoms (btw, this is the easy version.) Enjoy

You are first greeted by Liza, who tells you that the Phantoms have polluted the forest and you have to restore it.

Your first task is to head straight ahead to the Bunny Burrow where you are first greeted by Buster the Bunny. From there head straight to find Pumpkin the Bunny. She gives you a cork which you plug into the Phantom Pipe nearby.

After that the vines raise and you have to find 3 more corks and plug them into the Phantom Pipes. Along the way you encounter phantoms which you have to destroy by leading them into the chomper plants.

After that, you have to revive 8 plants with water from the well.

Once you revive all the plants you have to head to the Bunny Burrow and go to the last room and get the Phantom Key from Clover the Bunny.


Then you must take the Phantom Key to the Phantom Gate and unlock it.

The final step is to find all 4 Phantom Keys and unlock the 4 bunnies cages.

When you’re done, Liza arrives and congratulates you.

You have a choice of one of five chests below are the prizes.

  • Top Left Chest – Bunny Fence
  • Top Middle Chest – Bunny Statue
  • Top Right Chest – Stone Circle
  • Bottom Left Chest – 500 Gems
  • Bottom Right Chest – Wheelbarrow

Thanks for reading jammers! I hope this walkthrough was helpful! See you in Adventure Base Camp! 🙂

~ Marigold




Liza the Panda Alpha

Hi jammers! We have two posts today, one was the Jamaa Journal Volume 203 and the second one (this one) is a post about Liza the Panda Alpha. Liza is personally my favorite main alpha. Enjoy!

Liza is the leader of the Alphas and the alpha of the pandas of Jamaa. Liza is very adventurous, and is often the Alpha who finds new lands such as Coral Canyons (2010), Mt. Shiveer (2011), and Appondale (2011.)

Animal Jam’s bio of Liza is below…

“Liza is pretty well known to the animals of Jamaa, since she personally welcomes everyone that arrives here and helps them get started on their adventures. Liza has always been a traveler and explorer too, and she vividly remembers the day her travels first took her to Jamaa.
She found a land besieged not only by Phantoms, but by internal conflicts as well. Rabbits and monkeys were always bickering, while koalas and tigers wouldn’t speak to each other at all; and it seemed as though the wolves didn’t get along with anybody. Even among the Alphas there was tension and suspicion. Liza has a talent for helping animals understand each other better, though, and she was the peacemaker who brought the Alphas together as friends. Their example soon spread to the other animals, and for a long time now Jamaa has enjoyed peace both inside and outside its borders. After the last major battle with the Phantoms, the rest of the Alphas set out to track these mysterious invaders back to their point of origin and learn more about them. Liza stayed behind, however, both to safeguard our home against further attacks, and to help the thousands of animals arriving here every day find their way around Jamaa Township.”

Liza is named after Eliza Scidmore, who was the first female member of the NGS (National Geographic Society.) Eliza Scidmore was an American writer and photographer who visited many different countries, just like how Liza the Panda visits lots of different Jamaa lands! Conicidence or not?

Fun Facts About Liza

  • Throughout 2010 and early 2011 Liza had a part of the newspaper called “Liza’s Answers” where Jammers were able to send in questions and Liza would answer them.  Neat, right?
  • Her favorite color is pink!
  • She is a Giant Panda.
  • Liza’s den is called Liza’s Garden.

Thanks to Animal Jam Wiki for more information about Liza! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold