AJ Night of the Phantom’s Costumes 2017

Hi Jammers! It’s Marigold here with a very exciting post! Today, I will be posting a list of Night of the Phantom’s costumes for your AJ Animal! Enjoy!

Non – Member Costumes

The Pumpkin

To look like a pumpkin all you need are pumpkin shoes!

The Fairy Princess

For this majestic outfit you need butterfly wings, a tiara, and a ribbon scarf.

The Pirate

To transform into Blackbeard all you need is an eye patch and horned knee pads.

A Police Officer

To become this heroic officer you need a police officer hat and a non – member pirate sword.

An Archer

Despite the simpleness of this outfit it looks amazing on any animal! All you need is a bow and arrow!

The Pirate Princess

To become this beautiful privateer all you need a flower lei and a pirate bandanna!


The Autumn Princess

For this breathtaking outfit you need an orange or yellow beret and a leaf patterned skirt.

The Mad Scientist

This crazy scientists’ outfit is actually quite simple, you need a lab coat and mad scientist hair.


All you need for this popular outfit is Mira Armbands, Ancient Mira Amulet, and a head flower (optional.)

The Butterfly

This cute outfit consists of Faerie Wings, A Butterfly Bracelet, and A Rare Butterfly Hair Bow.

Native American Princess

For this kind princess you need a head feather, feather necklace, and a bow and arrow.


For this mysterious outfit you need a mustache, detective hat, and camouflage jacket.

Football Player

Become your favorite player with the football helmet, football jersey, and baseball cleats (optional).

Tracy Turnbald from Hairspray!

Become Tracy Turnbald from the hit movie Hairspray! For my animal I used the big hair and a princess gown.

Samurai Penguin

For the Samurai Penguin I used a samurai helmet. Some other ideas are dual samurai swords, a moon necklace, or elf bracelets.

The Dark Fox

You can use lot’s of different items to make your dark fox. I used an ancient spiked wristband and dark wings.

Masquerade Party Costume

Need an outfit to attend a fancy masquerade party? I recommend wearing the popular Feathered Mask and a dress/suit.

Captain Bean

Dress up as the popular AJ character Captain Beans with a brown sword and steampunk monocle.

 Ghost Pirate

Become the ghost of a infamous pirate with a pirate hook and an eye patch.

Underwater Sheriff

Protect the rules of the underwater world in this popular Night of the Phantom’s costume! All you need is a sheriff hat, sheriff badge, and a lantern necklace.

Do you have any more Night of the Phantoms Costume ideas? Please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and see you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold