Basement of Secrets

Hi jammers! It’s Marigold here today, and today I will be writing a post about the Basement of Secrets. I hope you enjoy this post!

The Basement of Secrets, was released on January 21st, 2016. Which was less than a month ago!

Have you ever wondered where that trapdoor in the Chamber of Knowledge leads. Well, now we know, it leads to the Basement of Secrets. Though you can’t access the Basement of Secrets through the trapdoor. You apparently have to click on the dark land below Appondale and to the left of Kimbara Outback.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.36.38 PM

The room, is quite messy, in my opinion and is filled with ancient treasures. There could be so many unnoticeable secrets in the Basement of Secrets. There even is a hidden store among the treasures. It is actually called ??? which I think is a very interesting name for a store. It only has 3 items available at the moment. They have prices ranging from 650 – 750 gems. The items consist of Chamber Lamps, Chamber Scrolls, and Chamber Candles. Also the candles in the Basement of Secrets light up when they are clicked, just like those in the Chamber of Knowledge.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 7.36.51 PM

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AJ Discovers: The Great Nature Project

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.26.03 PM

Hello jammers! It’s Marigold55 here, and today’s post is on The Great Nature Project. Enjoy!

The other day I was hanging out in the Kimbara Outback. When I decided to for my first time look at the bulletin board on the wooden bridge. I saw a picture of some zebras grazing. I then clicked “I” on the bottom right hand corner. A video of Tierney showed up. Tierney was talking about The Great Nature Project. National Geographic is trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records of having the largest world online photo database. All you have to do is have your parents upload the photo to It’s a bunch of fun, so I recommend you try it.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.26.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 5.26.03 PM


New Year’s Party 2016

Hi Jammers! It’s Marigold here, and today I have a quick post about the New Year’s Party. Also, here is a link to 2 of my posts that I published late last night and you might have not seen. Jammer of the Month: January  and December: Monthly Animal Jam Animal Tally. Enjoy the post!

The Animal Jam New Year’s Party happens once every year near the end of December and the beginning of January. There is a Music, Clothing, and Furniture Stores in the New Year’s Party.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.00.58 AM

Furniture Store

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.00.47 AM

Music Store

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.00.39 AM

Clothing Store

There are 2 frozen towers that are connected by a wooden bridge in which you can see fireworks and the Northern Lights. Also carved into the ice walls there is a piece of cake and a lollipop you can click on them and be able to hold that type of dessert for a few seconds. Also, there is a snowman near the entrance in which you can click on and you can hold for a short time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.15.31 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.14.51 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.14.42 AM

Also, this 2016 Party is the only New Year’s Party not to have sold a banner stating the year. Which is sad because I’ve been collecting them since 2013. Here is my collection:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.18.03 AM

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Phantom Journal

Hello Jammers! I have a little mini post for everyone. I was going through some old screenshots and I found a screenshot of the front of an old Jamaa Journal from Halloween 2014. Here is the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 7.05.49 PM

It says on the left side of the journal;

With the shops of Jamaa being filled with special new Night of the Phantoms clothes and accessories, what kind of spooky and silly costumes can you create?

It says on the right side that this issue of the journal talks about:

Pet Bats

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.09.55 AM

This is my pet bat Ultragal.

AJ’s Greatest Hit: Which is the AJ Soundtrack, which I think I might ask for the holiday season.

Endangered Cheetahs: You can donate gems to  the cheetahs at the Conversation Museum in Appondale .




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