Pet Octopuses

Hey, jammers! Today’s post is about the new pet octopuses! Enjoy!

The pet octopus was released March 15th, 2018, as a pet counterpart of the octopus. It’s available at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds and at Flippers’N’Fins for 3 Diamonds.

Like almost all pets you can pick two colors for your pet. Color 1 is the one that is used on most of the body and Color 2 is the one used on the tentacles.

Then you can pick your favorite type of eyes. Be it the spiral or the big eyes!

Next, you can mess around with the mouth shape, tentacle shape, and pattern.

Then you can choose your favorite name. I choose Dizzyroo.

You then receive a certificate of adoption.

You can go to a pet stop to choose an outfit for your octopus.

For the face, you can choose an eyeball hat, scuba tank, fluffy hat, or sunglasses.

For the back, you can choose a pacifier, dragon wings, starfish pigtails, or a light to shine behind your pet.

For the head, you can choose a hot chocolate/cookie hat, bow, pirate hat, or headband.

Both Dizzyroo and I hope you consider buying a pet octopus! Thanks for reading jammers, see you in Flippers’N’Fins.

~ Marigold



Jamaa Journal: Volume 223

Hi, jammers! Today, I have a post on the new Jamaa Journal that has arrived here in Jamaa! Enjoy!

The new land of Balloosh continues to develop in this Jamaa Journal, where one of the stones in the Temple of Ancients revealing some ancient carvings, that seem to be some kind of animal. Maybe a new animal will soon be arriving in Jamaa!

New pet octopuses! Hooray! It’s always great when AJ adds new pet counterparts, and these octopuses (even though they’re more like quadoposes since they only have 4 arms)  look super cute!

In addition to the pet quadoposes, they’re also new ocean mannequins, that you can dress up with your underwater clothing! Neat, right?

AJ is definitely promoting the oceans in this journal. Maybe it’s a clue? Anyways, you can now have “ocean-themed” den items on land. Such as aquarium floors, windows, and lamps.

On this page, AJ is encouraging jammers to buy there Lucky Day items while it’s still around since it will be gone soon. Also, there is a new exhibit being displayed at the Conservation Museum that talks about polar arctic foxes.

AJ is expanding their merchandise by putting out chibi blocks, which I actually didn’t hear of until now. You can buy these lego-like animals at Target.

Thank you for reading this post! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold


Pet Tarantulas

Hi jammers and welcome to Tuesday’s post! Today, I’m doing a post on the new Pet Tarantulas that have come back to Jamaa for the Night of the Phantoms! Enjoy!

The Pet Tarantula was originally released for the October 2012 Monthly Member Gift. In October 2013 it came to The Diamond Shop for Night of the Phantoms and has been coming back ever since.

When you make a tarantula you can color it, two different colors. I made my tarantula black and turquoise. I recommend doing black for the first color and then a neon or bright color for the second one. It looks really cool! You can also choose the color of the pattern on the tarantula’s legs and back, the shape and size of the tarantula’s abdomen, and the shape of tarantula’s eyes.

Here are the accessories for the tarantula:

Glowing Effects That Appear Underneath The Tarantula.






Top Left: Leg Warmers Bottom Left: Socks Top Right: Spikes Bottom Right: Tires

(From Left to Right): Antennae, Bow, Pirate Hat, and Caravan.

Meet StarryHill the Tarantula!

Thanks for reading this post jammers! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Jamaa Journal: Volume 208

Hi jammer! It’s Marigold here with a post on Volume 208 of the Jamaa Journal! Enjoy!

For this weekend only (September 28th – October 1st, 2017) you can get some adorable pet phantoms at the Diamond Shop for only 3 diamonds!

Finally it’s that time of year when Night of the Phantoms rolls around! Night of the Phantoms is AJ’s version of Halloween, and lot’s of fun and spooky events happen here in Jamaa during this month of surprises…

Lines of Power have been emerging beneath the feet of citizens in Jamaa Township. Many jammers believe that these lines lead back to the recent discoveries of the Forgotten Archives and the August 2017 Solar Eclipse. What could it all mean?

Lot’s of new items have arrived in The Diamond Shop. You can now get Spooky Armor for a complete set of only 9 diamonds. You can also buy the Epic Haunted Manor for a price of 5 diamonds.


The popular pet seasonal adventure Bitter Sweets is back! Discover all sorts of surprises that lie in the secret passageways of this adventure.

Mysterious portals always appear around Jamaa at this time of year. Inside you can play a game (which I’m terrible at.) Pet Tarantulas have also come to Jamaa, for only 3 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

The mysterious Haunted Forest Party has returned to Jamaa. You can pick lot’s of fun Night of the Phantom’s clothing and den items here. October 4th is World Animal Day, so make sure to log on, on October 4th and celebrate this exciting event with all of your animal friends!

Eagles will be soon returning to Animal Jam, and will be back for purchase in the Diamond Shop. Lynxes will be traveling soon, but will probably be back by next spring.

You can now celebrate Night of the Phantom’s with Animal Jam Costumes available at stores such as Target.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the new update! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold