The Ocean Diamond Shops

Hi jammers! Today, I have a post on the ocean dimaond shops. Many people, don’t actually know that these underwater diamond shops exist. Today, I visited both of them and took some pictures! Enjoy!

Bahari Bargains Ocean Diamond Shop

The Ocean Diamond Shop in Bahari Bay’s Bahari Bargains has 4 underwater diamond clothing items, listed below:

Diamond Encrusted Fins – 2 Diamonds – Membes Only

Diamond Nautilus Necklace – 2 Diamonds – Available To All Jammers

Diamond Crown – 3 Diamonds  – Members Only

Diamond Tiara – 3 Diamonds – Members Only


Sunken Treasures Ocean Diamond Shop

The Ocean Diamond Shop in Kani’s Cove Sunken Treasures has 8 furniture items, that can be used to furnish the underwater dens (Lost Ruins, Sandcastle, and Sunken Ship) of Jamaa. The items are listed below:

Sandcastle Banquet Table –  2 Diamonds –  Members Only

Sandcastle Throne – 1 Diamond – Members Only

Aquatic Coral Lanterns – 1 Diamond – Members Only

Aquatic Rug – 1 Diamond – Available To All Jammers

Aquatic Table – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Chair – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Sofa – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Throne – 3 Diamonds – Members Only

I hope you enjoyed this short post on the Ocean Diamond Shops of Jamaa! Keep Calm and Play Wild!

~ Marigold




Coral Corners

Hello Jammers! Today I have a post on the old store that used to be in Coral Canyons called Coral Corners. I hope you enjoy this post on this amazing store that we all loved!

Coral Corners started in November 2010 and left in July 2011. It had many items that are now considered beta items. Some items that are now beta that you may have heard of from Coral Corners are:

  1. Venus Fly Trap
  2. Bongo Drums
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Porch Swing
  5. Fish Fountain
  6. Fire Pit

There are many other items I didn’t mention because they have gone to Jam Mart Furniture or Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest. We suppose Treetop Gardens is a replacement for Coral Corners.

I have only one beta item left from this store which is the Venus Fly Trap. I do have many items that are or were featured in Treetop Gardens and Jam Mart Furniture.

Thank you, for reading my post everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts!


Outback Imports

Welcome to the first ‘Places in Jamaa’ post. We will be learning about Outback Imports in Kimbara Outback today. Read to find out about this amazing shop in Jamaa.

Items it sells currently:

  1. Stone Vanity – members only
  2. Stone Sink – members only
  3. Stone Lamp – members only
  4. Patched Chair – members only
  5. Patched Couch – members only
  6. Patched Rug – available to everyone
  7. Rustic Hanging Lantern – members only
  8. Telescope – available to everyone
  9. Wooden Carved Stove – members only
  10. Wooden Carved Table – members only
  11. Wooden Carved Chair – available to everyone
  12. Wooden Carved Couch – members only

What it looks like currently:

A big green patched rug in the middle of the shop. Tons of carved out shelves lining the walls. Items such as emu egg’s and fancy china plates sit on the shelves. When you open the door you are greeted by beautiful, yellow Golden Wattle flowers. Strange carvings lie in Outback Imports as well.

This is a few small details about Outback Imports. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!!!

– Marigold55