Animal Jam Stickers: App Review

Hi jammers! I’m here with a review of the new Animal Jam Stickers App! Enjoy!

You can get the Animal Jam Stickers App, for free on the App Store. Once in game though, you only have access to a certain amount of the stickers. To receive all the stickers, you must pay $1.99. I think this can be a little unreasonable because when you first download the stickers you think that you can receive all the of them for free.  That is the main thing I dislike about this app.

For the most part though, I like all the stickers. For the most part I like the emotes and the animals. I think the graphic quality is really good and I wish they would add some of the emotes that are just seen in the app, in-game as well.

Here is a picture I took of some of the stickers! (Sorry, it’s kind of blurry.)

I give this app 3 out of 5 Mira’s (this is how I rate things!) Thanks for reading jammers! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold


The Meaning of the Alpha’s Names

Hi jammers! Today I have a post on the meaning of the alpha’s names. Enjoy!

Amelia the Fox Alpha – Amelia is named after the famous women aviator Amelia Earhart. Amelia means “industrious” and “striving”  in Latin.

Andy the Llama Alpha- Andy is named after the Andes Mountains in Peru. Andy means “man” in Scottish.

Atlas the Lion Alpha – Atlas is named after the Atlas Lion. Atlas means “to carry” in Greek.

Aurora the Arctic Fox Alpha –  Aurora is named after the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora.

Avalon the Owl Alpha – Avalon is named after the “Avalon Owl” in Orlando, Florida. Avalon means “island of paradise.”

Barrett the Polar Bear Alpha – Barrett is named after Jeanne Baret who was the first women explorer to circumnavigate the world. Barrett means “bear power” in English.

Biff the Hyena Alpha  – Biff means to “punch”, “hit”, or “strike.”

Boomer the Kangaroo Alpha – Boomer is named after the word that means “male kangaroo.”

Carmen the Pig Alpha  – Carmen is supposedly named after the Roman goddess “Carmenta.”

Cosmo the Koala Alpha – Cosmo is named after Cosmo’s Club which is where the first National Geographic Society meeting took place in the year of 1888.

Dakota the Coyote Alpha – Dakota means “friendly one.”

Faye the Sheep Alpha – Faye is named after the name Faye which means “fairy” in old English and “loyalty” and “belief” in old French.

Felicity the Lynx Alpha – The name Felicity comes from the Latin word “felicitas” which means “good luck.”

Felix the Goat Alpha – Felix means “lucky” and “successful” in Latin.

Graham the Monkey Alpha- Graham is named after Alexander Graham Bell, one of the four creators of the National Geographic Society. Graham means “grain” in English.

Greely the Wolf Alpha – Greely is named after Adolphus Washington Greely who was a founder of the National Geographic Society. Greely means “Gray Meadows.”

Hudson the Otter Alpha – Hudson is named after the explorer Henry Hudson.

Jade the Snow Leopard Alpha – Jade is named after the precious green stone called Jade.

Jamal the Toucan Alpha – Jamal is named after the Arabic word that means “beauty.” This fits since Toucans are usually quite beautiful with their multi-colored feathers.

Jarvis the Lemur Alpha – Jar- means “spear” in Latin. So the name Jarvis is derived from that.

Juno the Arctic Wolf Alpha – Juno is most likely named after the Roman Goddess, who was the Queen of the Olympians. She could also be named after Juneau, Alaska.

Koko the Flamingo Alpha – Koko means “night” in the Blackfoot Native American language. Koko means “stork” in Japanese.

LaSalle the Raccoon Alpha – LaSalle is named after the explorer Robert de LaSalle.

Liza the Panda Alpha – Liza is named after Eliza Scidmore, who was the first female board member of the National Geographic Society. Liza means “joy” in Hebrew.

Manni the Sloth Alpha – Manni means “man” in Old Norse. This may lead to the conclusion that Manni is a male.

Mica the Coyote Alpha – Mica means “coyote” in the Sioux Native American language.

Olive the Cheetah Alpha – Olive is a symbol of peace in many cultures. Olive may have been also named after the Olive Tree or Fruit.

Peck the Bunny Alpha- Peck is named for Annie Peck, a women mountaineer who was part of the early National Geographic Society.

Perry the Falcon Alpha – Perry means “pear tree” in Old English.

Sigrid the Deer Alpha – The name Sigrid means “victory” and “beautiful” in the Old Norse language.

Sir Gilbert the Tiger Alpha – Sir Gilbert is named after Gilbert M. Grosvenor, the creator of National Geographic Kids. Gilbert means “pledge”, “bright”, and “famous” in French.

Tavie the Dolphin Alpha – Tavie is named after Octavie Coudreau who was a French explorer.

Valentina the Eagle Alpha – Valentina is named after the name Valens which means “strong, vigorous, and healthy.” This might mean that Valentina is a very strong alpha.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the possible meaning of the alpha’s names. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Jamaa’s Alphas

Hi jammers! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. School has kept me busy, most nights. Today I have a list of all the alphas in Jamaa as of September 2017. Enjoy!

Major Alphas

Liza the Panda Alpha

Cosmo the Koala Alpha

Sir Gilbert the Tiger Alpha

Peck the Bunny Alpha

Greely the Wolf Alpha

Graham the Monkey Alpha

Tavie the Dolphin Alpha

Minor Alphas

Amelia the Fox Alpha

Andy the Llama Alpha

Atlas the Lion Alpha

Aurora the Arctic Fox Alpha

Avalon the Owl Alpha

Barrett the Polar Bear Alpha

Biff the Hyena Alpha

Boomer the Kangaroo Alpha

Carmen the Pig Alpha

Dakota the Cougar Alpha

Faye the Sheep Alpha

Felicity the Lynx Alpha

Felix the Goat Alpha

Hudson the Otter Alpha

Jade the Snow Leopard Alpha

Jamal the Toucan Alpha

Jarvis the Lemur Alpha

Juno the Arctic Wolf Alpha

Koko the Flamingo Alpha

LaSalle the Raccoon Alpha

Manni the Sloth Alpha

Mica the Coyote Alpha

Olive the Cheetah Alpha

Perry the Falcon Alpha

Sigrid the Deer Alpha

Valentina the Eagle Alpha


I hope this is helpful! Thanks for reading and see you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold55

Pixel Place

Hi jammers! Today, I have a post on the re-released Pixel Place den. Enjoy!

Pixel Place was originally released on June 23rd, 2016. It left for a short while and returned very recently on August 31st, 2017. This two-story den is completely made up of colored cubes representing pixels. Everything is made up of pixels from the grass to the staircase!

Here is what it looks like inside the den. (Please mind all the items.)

The den is very colorful and pretty. I think it is a good den for someone just starting AJ. It has a moderate amount of indoor and outdoor space. The den as I mentioned before is 2 stories and an outdoor patio deck on the 2nd floor. Outside there is a river that cuts through the left side of the property, with a bridge that leads across it. There is also a mysterious stone – like structure in the den that can be seen in some of the AJ Seasonal Adventures. A pixel forest surrounds the property.

The river outside the den.

I think in all this den is very bright, airy, and beautiful and I believe that it’s one of AJ’s most creative dens.

~ Marigold

The mysterious stone structure.

Jammer Businesses: Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa

Hi jammers! Today, I have a picture gallery on a really cool den made by user StJarnor. I really hope you check it out!

Welcome to Zios!

All treatments at Zios!

Spa Treatments at Zios!

Sauna Treatments at Zios!

Salon Treatments at Zios!

Entrance to Zios Salon, Spa, and Sauna.

Waiting Room at Zios Sauna, Spa, and Salon.

The Front Desk at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Spa at Zios Sauna, Salon, and Spa.

The Sauna at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Part 1 of the Salon at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

Part 2 of the Salon at Zios Salon, Sauna, and Spa.

I hope you enjoyed the photo gallery! See you in Jamaa and Play Wild!

~ Marigold


The Ocean Diamond Shops

Hi jammers! Today, I have a post on the ocean dimaond shops. Many people, don’t actually know that these underwater diamond shops exist. Today, I visited both of them and took some pictures! Enjoy!

Bahari Bargains Ocean Diamond Shop

The Ocean Diamond Shop in Bahari Bay’s Bahari Bargains has 4 underwater diamond clothing items, listed below:

Diamond Encrusted Fins – 2 Diamonds – Membes Only

Diamond Nautilus Necklace – 2 Diamonds – Available To All Jammers

Diamond Crown – 3 Diamonds  – Members Only

Diamond Tiara – 3 Diamonds – Members Only


Sunken Treasures Ocean Diamond Shop

The Ocean Diamond Shop in Kani’s Cove Sunken Treasures has 8 furniture items, that can be used to furnish the underwater dens (Lost Ruins, Sandcastle, and Sunken Ship) of Jamaa. The items are listed below:

Sandcastle Banquet Table –  2 Diamonds –  Members Only

Sandcastle Throne – 1 Diamond – Members Only

Aquatic Coral Lanterns – 1 Diamond – Members Only

Aquatic Rug – 1 Diamond – Available To All Jammers

Aquatic Table – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Chair – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Sofa – 2 Diamonds – Members Only

Aquatic Throne – 3 Diamonds – Members Only

I hope you enjoyed this short post on the Ocean Diamond Shops of Jamaa! Keep Calm and Play Wild!

~ Marigold



Jamaa Journal: Volume 203

Hello jammers! Sorry, I haven’t blogged in awhile, I’ve been very busy with camps and vacations this summer. Today I have the newest AJ update to show you guys. This update is really cool, personally. Enjoy the post!

The new updates to the jammer wall, are the main new thing in this new update. The new features Animal Jam added to the jammer wall are pretty neat. You can add emojis to your wall and you can also add your animal’s picture. The best part about the picture is that it moves. Cool, right? You can also like people’s walls now, just like how you can like people’s masterpieces. Sadly, you can only add 3 masterpieces to your wall, though.

Everyone is on their jammer wall now!







This weekend only in Jamaa, you can get portals in the Diamond Shop for only one diamond that lead to the different worlds of Jamaa like Jamaa Township, Sarepia Forest, Mt. Shiveer, Kimbara Outback, Appondale, etc. So far, I have gotten the Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands, and Appondale portals. Which ones have you gotten?

One of the final Alpha den’s (not sure if Tavie is going to have one) is Graham’s Observatory. This den definitely reflects Graham the Monkey Alpha’s personality. There are piles of bananas and tools everywhere! I like the den though, I think Animal Jam did a great job with it overall. I just wish the rooms were a little bigger.

Pets Koalas are here, finally! I think this pet is so adorable! I have three already; WaterCrystal, EarthPebble, and FireTree. I also like how you can make the koala look like you, with some of the accessories that AJ provides.

Jamaalidays in July! Hooray! From July 24 – 28th this year you can go to the Jamaaliday Jam party. You can adopt pet reindeer, buy Jamaaliday items, and have fun in the snow!

Tiki Trouble is a very fun adventure that is available to both members and non members.  The objective is to find three pearls that have the power to drive away the phantoms from the oceans of Jamaa. Each pearl is guarded by one Tiki Statue. You have to get the pearls from all three tikis before the tide comes in (15 minutes.) The prizes in Tiki Trouble are really good! I got Rare Nerd Glasses once! I definitely recommend this adventure.

The Alphas have found a new heartstone and soon Flamingos will be available in Jamaa. Hooray!

Mystical Armor has returned to Jamaa and is available is the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township. If you want to get the whole set of Mystical Armor it costs 9 diamonds (Mystical Armor, Mystical Gauntlets, Mystical Amulet, Mystical Helmet, and Mystical Tail Armor.)

Otters will be traveling on August 3rd, so make sure you can get an otter while they are still available. You have 7 days!

You can now get Animal Jam Lunchboxes and Backpacks at Toys’R’Us! I think this is a really cool addition to Animal Jam’s Merchandise Line. They look really well – made as well.

Pandas are back! Hooray! Non members and members can now both buy pandas again, for 1,000 gems.

You can now adopt a pet panda at the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township for only 3 diamonds. You can dress them up in some pretty cute accessories including Hypno Glasses, a Asian Conical Hat, a Red Panda Hat, and a Bee Costume.

Now when you get an Animal Jam Retail Gift Card (at stores like GameStop, Toys’R’Us, Walmart, Winn.Dixie, CVS Pharmacy, and Target) you can also receive four exclusive falcon items. A Falcon Archway, A Kestrel Armchair, A Peregrine Sofa, and A Falcon Perch.

Jammers (both non member and member) can adopt up to 1000 pets! I’m kind of wondering where you would put all of them though, it would probably be pretty laggy if you put them all in one den…

If you enjoy holding clans, you definitely want to consider picking up Greely’s Hideout for 7 diamonds from the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township. This den is also fantastic for hide and seek!

There is a new pet available in Eggstravaganza! Buy eggs (3 diamonds each, available to all jammers) from the Diamond Shop today, to try to figure out what it is.

The new Call of the Alphas party is now available in the Party List. If you are impatient (like me) you can buy the book Call of the Alphas, and find the code in the book. The code gets you a smaller version of the book and you are able to join the party at all times. If you can’t get the book try to find someone who has the book in their den.

I hope you enjoyed this new post. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold