Items of the Day

Hi, jammers! On this page you can find a 10 – day notice of items leaving Jamaa’s stores and you can also find the new items of the day! Also, on this page, I post sales at the Jamaa’s stores. Note 1: This page changes every couple days.

Leaving Items in AJ (As Of June 19th, 2018)

2 Days – Spring Cottage (7 Diamonds at Den Shop/Diamond Shop)

3 Days – Spring Baby Bonnet (3 Diamonds at Diamond Shop)

6 Days – Spring Elf Tail Armor (3 Diamonds at Diamond Shop)

10 Days – Spring Double Ribbon Bow (2 Diamonds at Diamond Shop)

New Items In AJ

Compass (500 Gems at Sunken Treasures)

Dolphin Claw (3 Diamonds at Ocean Diamond Shop)

Giant Sea Shell (1,100 Gems at Epic Wonders)

Golden Soccer Goal (2000 Gems at Epic Wonders)

Puffership Helmet (550 Gems at Bahari Bargains)

Pufferfish Spikes (650 Gems at Bahari Bargains)

Sand Palace (500 Gems at Sunken Treasures)

Sandy Seashells (400 Gems at Sunken Treasures)

Stepping Stones (200 Gems at Sunken Treasures)

Sales in AJ

None Currently