Other Amazing Animal Jam Blogs



AJ All The Way by Tigerlily890 (Not Active Since August 2013)

AJ Teller Of The Jungle by Cutiebunny101 (Not Active Since December 2012)

AJ Way by Enchanted SnowyRose (Not Active Since April 2012 )

Animal Jam by MeiAn (Not Active Since December 2016)

Animal Jam Active by Singelena (Not Active Since February 2016)

Animal Jam Adventure by InfiniteMajesty (Not Active Since July 2015)

Animal Jam Angels by funnybunny181 and tgirl141 (Not Active Since October 2013)

Animal Jam Archives by Snowyclaw and Magolord

Another Alpha Legend by DreamGirl365 (Not Active Since November 2014)


Animal Jam Buddy by Jammer49612 (Not Active Since June 2015)

Animal Jam Budgie by Tallose

Animal Jam Bulletin by SpiritRose (Not Active Since August 2013)


Cherry Lime Soda by Vanillarainbow (Not Active Since August 2017)

Chronicles of Jamaa by Creatureluver123 (Not Active Since November 2016)

Animal Jam Comet by ☆Cosmic☆ ( Cheetah87516)

Animal Jam Community by The Slidoo 

Animal Jam Cookie by PayPayRod (Not Active Since May 2016)

Animal Jam Cove by Tigerlilycoke (Not Active Since April 2016)

Animal Jam Cruise Ship by LondonPie (Not Active Since April 2016)


The Daily Explorer by AJHQ

Animal Jam Day by Cutelittlewolf1 (Not Active Since February 2016)

Dream Miner AJ by XRay

Animal Jam Dusk and Dawn by WhenLifeGivesYouLemo (Not Active Since June 2015)


Animal Jam Elements by Wolf9005 (Not Active Since June 2013)

Animal Jam Elite by Anna249 (Not Active Since June 2014)

Animal Jam Everywhere by Smartgirl2439 (Not Active Since March 2014)

Animal Jam Expert by Gingersnap

Animal Jam Explorer Blog by 4101leapprardsp1oqtwa (Not Active Since January 2014)

Eternal Cool Cat’s Animal Jam Blog by 4 Jammers (Not Active Since December 2013)


Animal Jam Fiery by 16 Jammers (Not Active Since November 2013)

Animal Jam Firefly by CleverQueen (Not Active Since August 2013)

Animal Jam Firework by DerpAJ (Not Active Since November 2013)

Animal Jam Flare by RainbowPutty (Not Active Since August 2013)

Animal Jam Flash by Meloetta385

Animal Jam Friendship Community by Graciepopstar91


Animal Jam Good Times by Suzi00

Animal Jam Graphic Center by awesomepanda868 (Not Active Since February 2017)

Animal Jam Groove by Pandaz017 (Not Active Since August 2013)

Animal Jam Guide by Splatter (Not Active Since May 2013)


Animal Jam Howler by Horselovealm (Not Active Since September 2014)


Animal Jam Insider by Birdle (Not Active Since September 2014)


The Jamaa Herald by CookyCupcake

Animal Jam Jewel by SweetPanda AJ (Not Active Since April 2015)

Animal Jam Jumble by Lostfairy

Junipers Animal Jam Grove by Juniper (Not Active Since December 2016)




Animal Jam Legendary Palooza by Violet82671


Animal Jam Mega Snow by Megadiancie7 and Snowlondon

My Little Jammers by Purplestarclub


Animal Jam Nox by QuinntheCat (Not Active Since April 2015)

News From Jamaa by Fuzzy TinyPaw (Not Active Since June 2013)




Animal Jam Passage by Iluvsnowdrop

Animal Jam Paw Up by Mimi5000 (Not Active Since July 2015)

Animal Jam Phoenix by ShinyFrost (Not Active Since July 2013)

Animal Jam Publish by SweetSalt (Not Active Since October 2014)




Animal Jam Rapids by Trickertreee (Not Active Since September 2012)

Animal Jam Roar by RockyTop2 (Not Active Since September 2012)

Animal Jam Run by Nafaria8


Animal Jam Screech by Mew Mew Pikachu (Not Active Since October 2016)

The Shimmering Diamond by Transions

Animal Jam Sketchbook by Daylite

Animal Jam Sky by chocolate4050 (Not Active Since July 2017)

Animal Jam Soul and Star by Comet (Not Active Since February 2016)

Animal Jam Spirit by Snowyclaw (Not Active Since June 2017)

Animal Jam Splash by Dolphina (Not Active Since April 2014)

Animal Jam Spring by Dimension Jumper

Star8puppy’s Animal Jam Blast by Star8puppy (Not Active Since November 2014)

Animal Jam Stream by DoomyPanda

Animal Jam Sunshine by 2FangWolf


Animal Jam ThunderHowl by ThunderHowl (Not Active Since March 2015)






Animal Jam Wave by lisonka (Not Active Since January 2013)

Animal Jam Whip by Nafaria9

Animal Jam Wonder Life by Fdelago (Not Active Since April 2014)

Animal Jam Written Truth by Breathless (Not Active Since January 2016)

The Weekly Jammer News by SwirlShine

World of Animal Jam by Hardy (Not Active Since June 2016)






*I consider a blog “inactive” after the authors post a good – bye post or they haven’t posted in 6 months.