Pet Tarantulas

Hi jammers and welcome to Tuesday’s post! Today, I’m doing a post on the new Pet Tarantulas that have come back to Jamaa for the Night of the Phantoms! Enjoy!

The Pet Tarantula was originally released for the October 2012 Monthly Member Gift. In October 2013 it came to The Diamond Shop for Night of the Phantoms and has been coming back ever since.

When you make a tarantula you can color it, two different colors. I made my tarantula black and turquoise. I recommend doing black for the first color and then a neon or bright color for the second one. It looks really cool! You can also choose the color of the pattern on the tarantula’s legs and back, the shape and size of the tarantula’s abdomen, and the shape of tarantula’s eyes.

Here are the accessories for the tarantula:

Glowing Effects That Appear Underneath The Tarantula.






Top Left: Leg Warmers Bottom Left: Socks Top Right: Spikes Bottom Right: Tires

(From Left to Right): Antennae, Bow, Pirate Hat, and Caravan.

Meet StarryHill the Tarantula!

Thanks for reading this post jammers! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold



Hi jammers! Today, I have a post on the lynx animal in Animal Jam. Enjoy!

The Lynx were confirmed in Volume 153 of the Jamaa Journal on August 20th, 2015 September 3rd of 2015. In a few weeks from today (October 9th, 2017) the Lynx will be leaving Jamaa, but will hopefully be returning in the Spring of 2018.

The Lynx currently costs 10 diamonds at the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township. The Lynx’s alpha is Felicity.

The Pet Lynx was released on August 31st in 2017. It costs 3 diamonds in the Diamond Shop in Jamaa Township.

The Lynx have their own short that is called “The Missing Lynx.” This short is pretty funny.

I hope you will buy the Lynx before it leaves Jamaa for the winter! Thanks for reading jammers, see you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

This is my lynx, Mythical BerryMoon.

Border the Sun: Chapter 5

Hi jammers! It’s Marigold back with Chapter 5 of Border the Sun. Here are the links to chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4. Enjoy!

As we set off from the crumbling old dock on our crumbling old ship, The Great Heron, Cosmo started giving directions.

“Fiji steer the boat. Canberra, Adelaide help Fiji. Tasmania and Tanzania climb up to the crow’s nest. Sydney help them raise the mast. And you…” said Cosmo looking at me.

“Yes?” I asked cautiously.

“You. Help me map out what we see” said Cosmo kindly.

“Me? Don’t you want someone more experienced like Tasmania?” I asked.

“I’m sure your capable of doing it, Kenya” Cosmo said calmly.

I was glad that Cosmo believed in me and all, but I don’t think he realized that I had no knowledge of the real world because I had been stuck in an adoption center my whole life. I have learned to despise even the thought of the adoption center. I couldn’t bare to remember the old magenta curtains with it’s faded yellow tassels or the hanging dark purple lanterns. I knew how the adoption center could almost magically take anyone’s happiness away. It took every drop of Little Golden Boy’s (we met Little Golden Boy in Chapter 2)  happiness and kindness. I couldn’t even think about Andy (also from Chapter 2) the enthusiastic cheetah and how he must know me listening to his YouTube videos and eating Andes Candies in a newfound misery.

“I guess I can help you Cosmo, but I’m not very good at landmarks or any geography stuff really at all” I responded quietly.

“Well, I’m sure I will be able to teach you. You seem like a very good scholar” smiled Cosmo.

“Alright then!” I said returning Cosmo’s smile.

“Come with me, we will start right now!” said Cosmo.

Thanks for reading Part 5! I will release Part 6, in about two week’s time hopefully. In the mean time though, I hope you will keep reading my post’s. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Cool Jammers #3

Hi jammers! It’s Marigold here, with a post on some very inspiring and amazing jammers. Enjoy the post!

This is 1sincere, who like her username states is very kind. Sincere is very creative and is willing to help any jammer, member or non – member.

Alm92606 is a very inspiring jammer. She loves quotes and is often doing good deeds for others.

Annabella0923 is an amazing buddy, and she is an amazing artist. Annabella is also very funny and enjoys posting on her jammer wall.

Aria484 is a very positive jammer (she loves giving kind compliments to other jammers), who loves animals!

Berryblastmuffin is a jammer who knows how to have a fun time! Berry Blast loves to make everyday a great one.

Beth is a jammer who loves to get into every holiday! She enjoys dressing up for whatever season it is. Beth is also an amazing artist and a very positive jammer.

Brooktrout1504 is a very adventurous jammer. Brook likes to explore around Jamaa and solve mysteries.

Carolina135 is to say the least, a very enthusiastic jammer. Carolina is a very fun jammer to be around, she is always doing new and exhilarating things.

Champion123456 is a very brave jammer. She enjoys living her life as an AJ Wolf to the hilt.

Coconuttheamazing is very amazing. I met Coconut at a store that she was running. After that, I helped her run her store. Coconut’s Paradise. She is definitely a jammer, that you want to get to know.

Thanks for reading about these amazing jammers that love making Jamaa a great place. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Festivities During the Night of the Phantoms

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about some exciting festivities that you can do during Night of the Phantoms.

The Phantom Vortex

During Night of the Phantom’s phantom vortex’s appear around the Jamaa Lands. When you step on top of the vortex, you can enter into a different room. There you can play a game called Phantoms! If you get to Level 5 you can get a Phantom Archway.

Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets is the Night of the Phantom’s Seasonal Adventure. To play the game you have to have a pet with you. This is currently the only AJ Adventure where you play as a pet. The objective is to collect all 1000 pieces of candy by defeating the proto – phantoms. For more information about it, here is the link to my post about it.

The Haunted Forest Party

The Haunted Forest Party is one of two of the Night of the Phantom’s Parties.  The Haunted Forest Party takes place in, can you guess? A Haunted Forest. You can play hide and seek in the fog or dance along to Spooky Old Bones.

The Spooky Party

The Spooky Party is the second of the Night of the Phantom’s Parties.  The Spooky Party takes place in the Epic Haunted Manor Den. The den has a clothing shop, a furniture shop, and a music shop in the den. You can also make your own Pet Bat by clicking on the bat decals on the wallpaper inside the den.


To Trick-or-Treat in Animal Jam, you need lot’s of buddies to do this one.  Have half of your buddies go into the Jamaa Stores, with small items (plushies, toy figurines, etc.) in their inventory or trade list. Have the other half of your buddies go into the stores in Jamaa and have them say “Trick-or-Treat.” The other half of your buddies can trade or send them plushies or toy figurine. Then have the two halves of buddies switch, and do the other job.

Do you have more Night of the Phantom Festivities or activities? Comment them below or post them on my jammer wall. Thanks for reading jammers!

~ Marigold


Jammer Business: Paws Salon

Hi jammers! Today’s post is about a jammer business called the Paws Salon run by T3sla. Enjoy!

The check in area is very decorated and well organized.

While waiting to be called for your treatment you can eat a banana!

You can relax in the spa pool that T3sla made!

You can sit and have a pedicure on the tiki chairs.

Or a manicure in the room that overlooks the garden.

I hope you will visit this very creative den! See you in Jamaa, jammers!

~ Marigold