Epic Den of the Week: 3/19/18

Hi, jammers! This week’s den belongs to Madness120, their den is simple but using 23 items they have made it very amazing! Enjoy!


When you enter the den, you are greeted by 11 golden genie lamps!

Wow!!!!!! Like this is amazing, right?

More silver bricks!

So I counted and here is what the den consists of:

  • 11 Golden Genie Lamps
  • 5 Golden Horseshoe Streamers
  • 81 Silver Bricks!

Can you believe it? 81 Silver Bricks. Madness120 definitely deserves to get an Epic Den Plaque for this!

I hope you will visit this simple, but amazing den! Thanks for reading this week’s epic den post! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold


Steps To Having A DIY Non-Member AJ Lucky Day Party

Even during some holiday seasons on AJ, you can get bored easily. Why not hold a party?! In this post, I have an easy nonmember way to make the best Lucky Party possible. Enjoy!

Non – Member Way

1. Buy/Use your small house den

2. Play/Use your non-member items from the Lucky Clovers Adventure and place it in your den.


3. It obviously isn’t done yet! We’re still missing some more decorations and items. Go to the shops around Jamaa to find some more non-member lucky clover items. Below is a list of some good items to get

  • Spring Clover (550 Gems at Treetop Gardens)
  • Daffodil (350 Gems at Treetop Gardens)
  • Lucky Tea Set (450 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture)
  • Golden Horseshoe Streamer (550 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture)
  • Painted Clover (350 Gems at Jam Mart Furniture)

4. Looking way better, but it’s still missing some things. You don’t have to use specifically Lucky Day items in your den. You can use all sorts of green/yellow/gold items to make it look like the leprechauns have a hideout in your den!

Thanks for reading this Lucky Day post! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold


Lucky Day Post 2018

Hi, jammers! Happy St. Patricks/Lucky Day! Today, we have a post on today’s holiday in AJ that only comes around once every year. Enjoy!

Lucky Day Party

One thing you can do is go to the Lucky Party which comes around every few hours or so. There you can buy Lucky Day Items, play in the clovers, or just simple hang out with your buddies.

Lucky Clovers Adventure

The Lucky Clovers Adventure is a special Lucky Day seasonal adventure that lasts through March. Your goal is to find all 50 four leaf clovers, which is actually way harder than it sounds. Nonetheless, for every 10 four-leaf clovers, you find you get two prizes (one if you’re non – member.) To check out my post about the adventure you can click here.

Hold A Lucky Day Party

Buy a Lucky Castle or Small Den and decorate it up with all your favorite Lucky Day Items or just simply green items. I’ll be having a post later today about how to have a perfect Lucky Party. Stay tuned for that!


Lucky Day is when Jamaa is coming back to life and animals start to return after the long winter. Explore Jamaa, be it alone or with buddies. Add to your Journey Book or just simply watch everything! 🍀🌿🍃

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you have an amazing St. Patrick’s/Lucky Day!

~ Marigold


Jamaa Journal: Volume 223

Hi, jammers! Today, I have a post on the new Jamaa Journal that has arrived here in Jamaa! Enjoy!

The new land of Balloosh continues to develop in this Jamaa Journal, where one of the stones in the Temple of Ancients revealing some ancient carvings, that seem to be some kind of animal. Maybe a new animal will soon be arriving in Jamaa!

New pet octopuses! Hooray! It’s always great when AJ adds new pet counterparts, and these octopuses (even though they’re more like quadoposes since they only have 4 arms)  look super cute!

In addition to the pet quadoposes, they’re also new ocean mannequins, that you can dress up with your underwater clothing! Neat, right?

AJ is definitely promoting the oceans in this journal. Maybe it’s a clue? Anyways, you can now have “ocean-themed” den items on land. Such as aquarium floors, windows, and lamps.

On this page, AJ is encouraging jammers to buy there Lucky Day items while it’s still around since it will be gone soon. Also, there is a new exhibit being displayed at the Conservation Museum that talks about polar arctic foxes.

AJ is expanding their merchandise by putting out chibi blocks, which I actually didn’t hear of until now. You can buy these lego-like animals at Target.

Thank you for reading this post! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold


Lucky Clover Day Outfits for Animals

Hi jammers! Today, I have some good ideas for outfits for your animal for Lucky Day which is this Saturday! Enjoy!

Top – Leprechaun Hat

Back – Spring Bow and ARrows

Feet – Leprechaun Shoes

Top – Shamrock Glasses

Neck – Clover Tie

Back – Rare Jamaaliday Sweater

Top – Clover Earmuffs

Neck – Mint Green Jamaaliday Scarf

Back –  Sport Jersey

Top – Orange Head Flower

Neck –  Green Ribbon Scarf

Back – Clover Blanket

Top – Knitted Green Hat

Back –  Green Parka

Shoes – Green Snow Boots

Neck – Clover Necklace

Back –  Clover Skirt

Tail – Clover Trident

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions such as where to get one of the items let me know in the comments! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold


Masterpieces of the Week: 3/12/18

Hi jammers! As I mentioned earlier we are celebrating Lucky Week on Living An AJ Life, but we still have our weekly masterpiece and epic den posts! Enjoy!


Thanks to Floofsters, Zingieye, NeonFantasia, Nymphaeaalba, Rachelm44, Stormytonya, Allastrine, Jeuga, and Ranhome123 for all there amazing masterpieces!

Thanks for reading this week’s masterpiece post! Stay tuned for more Lucky Day Posts coming!

Epic Den of the Week: 3/12/18

Happy Lucky Day Week! We will be celebrating it all week here on Living An AJ Life. Today we still have our weekly epic den though! Enjoy!


You can hang outside in the clover garden when you enter the den!

Two trimmed hedges and some tulips guard the entryway of the den.

The den consists of lots of green and yellow! When you first enter there is a shamrock couch and ottoman, along with some shamrock rugs and a fireplace and a celtic knot window.

You can have some lucky tea at the the lucky green table surrounded by 4 shamrock chairs

There is another little green relaxation area, with a big fern plant and some lucky lamps and candles. There is another celtic window and some potted clovers.

Outside on the patio are some green lawn chairs and an epic seasonal tree which is currently in full bloom! What great timing!

I hope you enjoyed touring justmycupoftea’s den, it’s even more amazing in real life! I definitely recommend visiting it! Thanks for reading this post jammers! Keep calm and play wild!

~ Marigold