The Rise Against Scamming

Hello Jammers! It’s Marigold, with a very important post. I hope you enjoy!

Scamming has become a serious issue in Jamaa, so I decided to turn part of my blog in a website that goes against scamming, it will be called The Rise Against Scamming, or the RAS for short. Don’t worry fond lovers of my Update of the Day Posts, I will still do that but I will start to post about how to stop scammers, some cases of scamming i’ve seen, and how scammers will scam [this is so we know when someone is scamming.] Below you can comment, if you want to become an agent on this quest to stop scamming. Here is my example and also my agent name is Agent Haven.

Agent Name: Agent Haven

Username: Marigold55

Why I Think Scamming Is Horrible [Please Don’t Copy This If You Do Decide To Become An Agent]: I think scamming is horrible because it hurts other people internally and makes them feel bad about themselves. If you’re  scammer please stop, what if it was switched around and someone was scamming you. It’s like the Golden Rule “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you join this quest to stop scamming in Jamaa!