Return of the Phantoms: Walkthrough

Hi, jammers! I hope you’re having a great week! Today, I have a walkthrough on the 1st AJ adventure called the Return of the Phantoms (btw, this is the easy version.) Enjoy

You are first greeted by Liza, who tells you that the Phantoms have polluted the forest and you have to restore it.

Your first task is to head straight ahead to the Bunny Burrow where you are first greeted by Buster the Bunny. From there head straight to find Pumpkin the Bunny. She gives you a cork which you plug into the Phantom Pipe nearby.

After that the vines raise and you have to find 3 more corks and plug them into the Phantom Pipes. Along the way you encounter phantoms which you have to destroy by leading them into the chomper plants.

After that, you have to revive 8 plants with water from the well.

Once you revive all the plants you have to head to the Bunny Burrow and go to the last room and get the Phantom Key from Clover the Bunny.


Then you must take the Phantom Key to the Phantom Gate and unlock it.

The final step is to find all 4 Phantom Keys and unlock the 4 bunnies cages.

When you’re done, Liza arrives and congratulates you.

You have a choice of one of five chests below are the prizes.

  • Top Left Chest – Bunny Fence
  • Top Middle Chest – Bunny Statue
  • Top Right Chest – Stone Circle
  • Bottom Left Chest – 500 Gems
  • Bottom Right Chest – Wheelbarrow

Thanks for reading jammers! I hope this walkthrough was helpful! See you in Adventure Base Camp! 🙂

~ Marigold




Wolves Only Party

Hi, jammers! Today, I have a post on the Wolves Only Party! Enjoy!

The Wolves Only Party is a year-round event, yet only wolves (non-members), arctic wolves (members), and snowflake arctic wolves (members) can attend. At the party, there is a Wolves Only Store that sells furniture items.

Wolves Only Shop

This party takes place in the Volcano Den. This party can also be attended on the Play Wild app. There is one glitch where ocean animals can also attend the party.

If you go to close to the lava you turn red!

If you click on the moon, a little holdable moon appears at your side.

Looking out at the horizon!

There is an area for bands to play on top of the moon rug. There are two microphones, guitar, and drum set.

Hanging out by the Wolves Only Shop.

I hope you enjoyed this mini post jammers! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Masterpieces of the Week: 3/26/18

Hi, jammers! I hope your having a fantastic week so far. To start off the new week here on Living on AJ Life, we have 12 amazing masterpieces to display. Enjoy! 🙂

Thank you to Rivaria, Imyourhuckleberry, Starbeing, 223lourose, chocolate4froggy, heehaw101, Artfulll, Floofyart, Nymphaeaalba, Snorky41017, CelestialBeauties, and Sabaton for making all these amazing masterpieces!

Thanks for reading jammers, and make sure to comment any amazing masterpieces you’ve seen below. See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold

Life at the Poles: Conservation Exhibit

Too lazy to actually check out the new exhibit at the Conservation Museum? I get it. I decided to try something new and post pictures of this new exhibit on here. I didn’t take pictures of all the parts of the exhibit so if you want to see everything I do recommend checking it out in person (or animal.) Enjoy!

Neat, right? You can find the rest of the exhibit at the Conservation Museum in Appondale.

Thanks for reading this mini-post! See you in Appondale! 😉

~ Marigold



Pet Octopuses

Hey, jammers! Today’s post is about the new pet octopuses! Enjoy!

The pet octopus was released March 15th, 2018, as a pet counterpart of the octopus. It’s available at the Diamond Shop for 3 Diamonds and at Flippers’N’Fins for 3 Diamonds.

Like almost all pets you can pick two colors for your pet. Color 1 is the one that is used on most of the body and Color 2 is the one used on the tentacles.

Then you can pick your favorite type of eyes. Be it the spiral or the big eyes!

Next, you can mess around with the mouth shape, tentacle shape, and pattern.

Then you can choose your favorite name. I choose Dizzyroo.

You then receive a certificate of adoption.

You can go to a pet stop to choose an outfit for your octopus.

For the face, you can choose an eyeball hat, scuba tank, fluffy hat, or sunglasses.

For the back, you can choose a pacifier, dragon wings, starfish pigtails, or a light to shine behind your pet.

For the head, you can choose a hot chocolate/cookie hat, bow, pirate hat, or headband.

Both Dizzyroo and I hope you consider buying a pet octopus! Thanks for reading jammers, see you in Flippers’N’Fins.

~ Marigold


New Ocean Den Items

Hi, jammers! Today’s post is about all the new ocean den items that are now available on land in Jamaa! Enjoy!

My Thoughts

Recently, there have been many new ocean den items coming to Jamaa. I think this concept is really cool because I know lot’s of jammers don’t go underwater that often, but now that you can have a part of the underwater world on land!

I think it’d be cool if AJ created an Aquarium Den like the one in AJ Play Wild because that’d go well with this new set of items.

List of Items:

  • Starfish Window
  • Strand of Seashells
  • Aquarium Window
  • Aquarium Floor
  • Sea Urchin Lamp
  • Starfish Rug

You can get all these items at Jam Mart Furniture for between 350 – 750 Gems. If you have lot’s of gems you can probably make your own Aquarium Den!😝

Thanks for reading jammers! See you in Jamaa!

~ Marigold


Masterpieces of the Week: 3/19/18

Hi, jammers! We’re back with this week’s masterpieces of the week! Enjoy!

Thanks to Thecatsbury, Waterdropp, Drizzzle, Retroactive, Hyenine1, Rawrcookies, Awsomeisme123, Sharkledog, Christmasfroggy, and Owlleep for making all these amazing masterpieces!

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